if you are a baker, u will have noticed this sudden flux of Ogura cake posting.. i was like what is going on? of course, I googled it, and in Cornercafe’s words, this rush evolved from *quote* “the Malaysian Chinese bloggers to make a copycat of a very popular signature cotton-soft cake from Malaysia.  This particular cake comes from a bakery chain named Family Bakery 芳鄰西點蛋糕 in the town of Batu Pahat in Johor, a southern Malaysian state just north of Singapore.  The cake is called Ogura Cake in English/Japanese but in Chinese it is known as 相思蛋糕 which literally translates as Pining4U or Lovesickness Cake.  For whatever reasons they chose that name for the cake, it is indeed a very catchy name in Chinese for sure, but I expect it also cleverly carries the assumption that the customers would pine for this cake again and again after they tasted it… *unquote*

oh well, if everyone is Ogura-ing, i need to ogura it at least once.. monkey see, monkey do?

Beautiful Beijing day – wished i could sit outside, have a slice of this cake, sip coffee, legs relaxed on top of the table with feet flapping my “人”字型… and my inspiration today for my ipad customised cover “Victoria Bakes…. I should be home baking”

Pollution inex: 36 (Good)


  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Sorry but I don\’t see the recipe for this cake,
    Thanks. Would like to try this.

    • Hi, you may not have realised i started my blog off as a private diary and only used it as an electronic diary till i later opened it up in 2013. hence earlier bakes do not record any recipes and i hv not kept them either.

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