and in 2 days time, i will be flying off to Japan and then Singapore for my big day… will be away from home for nearly a month… gosh. really long time. but i think i need this long break from work and so far since 4.30pm Friday, I did well in detaching myself from replying emails. let’s see…

looking at the kitchen, i hv 15 eggs to use up… and the best is to bake a lapis i guess.. the remaining eggwhites can just sit in the freezer. otherwise, shall check out my mood tomorrow if i’m up to baking an angel cake.

i really like this recipe from Bisous A Toi – and i finally found the right weight for each layer. 73g for an 8 inch pan! yeah! i can’t wait to bake another lapis… i usually find lapis overly sweet but this recipe is like purrfect.. the proportion is just right. the only thing i will do next time, is i will really brush butter on each layer in the future – it turned out a whee bit dry because i was too careful with the brushing * i brushed it with coconut oil though – um – actually coated cake leveler with coconut oil… didnt brush the cake * 😀

Pollution index: 132 (unhealthy again)

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