and i was thinking hard since yesterday what i should be baking for little Felicia (a.k.a. a-wah…. nickname given by laobeh because apparently she couldn’t pronounce “I want” when she was younger and always ended up saying “a-wah”…). It is very sad that i cannot spend any of my nieces birthdays with them and all i can do, is dedicate these bakes to them via Facebook

on Chloe’s birthday in May, i made Owl Hootin’ Cupcakes for her, so i should make something for little Felicia, our little Sunshine. i really don’t know what to bake her and all of a sudden, i felt like playing with fondant. pretty weird because i have never played with fondant PLUS i do not have fondant at home. I’m the kind that if i decide to do something, nothing will stop me.. and so, i started to play with marzipan… some people said marzipan is not as forgiving as fondant, which yes.. i now know why that statement.

but i am happy i pulled this through…

Happy Birthday little Felicia… i hope you always keep that sunshine smile on you

Pollution index: 289 (very unhealthy)


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