delia smith carrot cakeI bought these mini baking silicon pot moulds from.. er… hmmm… where was that… Frankfurt i think.. during last Christmas at the Christmas market.

piggy sugar cookieI’d been thinking since then how i can put this to good use and believe it or not, i nearly lost my sleep from thinking about it last night. I also had leftover sugar cookie dough from yesterday’s cookie bake… so this idea came into my mind… carrot cupcake, with a little streusel, cut out the cookie dough with the carrot cookie cutter (which i’d never used) and viola! another piece of work…

I love this recipe… this low fat Delia Smith Carrot Cake recipe is very yummy.. I omitted the glaze though.. not a sugar fan.. it’s still very good on its own

Pollution index: 258 (very unhealthy)

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