condense milk mantouthis mantou is very easy to make… plus… it’s yummy….

Condense milk steamed mantou

Ingredientscondense milk mantou
250g pau flour
25g sugar
5g yeast
45g warm water
100g condense milk

– add 15g of sugar to 45g warm water and stir till sugar has melted. Add yeast to sugar solution once solution temperature reaches 25 degrees C. Sit solution on table for 5-10mins
– Add condense milk, sugar/yeast solution, and remaining sugar to flour and knead till you achieve soft dough
– Proof dough for 1 hour
– For traditional mantou, divide dough into 3 equal portions and roll each portion into a log. Slice mantou into small pieces and allow to rest for 10mins
– Boil water in steamer and steam mantou for 15 mins

condense milk mantou

Personal notes:
– i divided dough into 2 equal portion and mixed red yeast powder to one portion, and pumpkin powder to a pinchful of original dough. Proof dough for 1 hour
– I rolled the pink dough into a thick rectangle and cut the head of My Melody using a rabbit’s head cookie cutter (each head was about 13g)
– Roll a small portion of original dough till paper thin, and use a 3cm round shape biscuit cutter to cut out the face of My Melody. Place it onto the head, and slightly stretch it out
– as I do not have a mini flower cutter, I used a star shape cutter to cut out the stars on Melody’s ears, and rolled small balls of yellow to attach to the flower , and the face (nose)
– I further proofed the mini buns in the steamer (with warm water ~ 35 degrees C) for 20mins
– remove buns from steamer, cover with damn cloth, and heat up steamer till water boils
– As my buns are super mini, I steamed them for 6mins, and kept them in the steamer for another 3.5 mins before removing from steamer
– eyes and mouth are piped on with melted chocolate… (p.s. better to pain point with toothpick)

condense milk mantou

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #31 – Bao Ho-Chiak (May 2013) hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders .. do hop over to her webby… she has made quite a few yummy paus this month 😀


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