matcha red bean bunslittle beanie babies… i just love these cute little faces…

Matcha red bean bun (recipe adapted and translated from Yvonne C’s 65C Tangzhong Bread  – Matcha Red Bean Toast)

237g bread flour
1 tbsp milk powder
3g matcha powder
30g castor sugar
3g salt
5g instant dry yeast
100g milk
78g tangzhong (prepared using one part bread flour to 5 part water – cook 25g of flour with 125g of water and keep stirring till dough reaches 65 degrees C. Allow tangzhong to cool down and chill in fridge overnight before using)
25g butter
100g adzuki beans

Directionsmatcha red bean buns
– Mix all ingredients except butter and adzuki beans. Knead till you achieve a soft and elastic dough
– Knead in butter and incorporate well. Knead till you achieve window pane stage. Add in beans and knead
– Proof for 40mins (under room condition of 28 degrees C, humidity 75%)
– Punch dough down and rest for 15mins
– roll dough out to the length of your bread mould with rolling pin (450g pan) and roll up like a swiss roll from the point furthest away from you
– place in greased pan and proof till dough fills up 80% of your pan (under room condition of 38 degrees C, humidity 85%)
– Bake in preheated oven at either 150 degrees C (upper rack) or 180 degrees C (lower rack) for 30 mins

Personal notes
– my beanie babies are pea pod (made of three 30g dough, and 10g dough of “peas”). After baking, pea pod was then slit in the middle and bread was pressed inwards. To create a better effect, I suggest you patiently peal off all the brown on the outer crust
– I used red bean paste (bought from Bake King in Singapore) as filling.. each pea had 5g of filling (as my hubby does not like too much filling)
– my bakes are done in 18mins as they are small
– I did not use eggwash – beanie babies expressions are piped with melted chocolate

matcha red bean buns

Pollution index: 186 (unhealthy)


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