autumn dress icebox cookiesdon’t feel intimidated by the instructions… it looks long, but this is really easy to put together

Original recipe adapted and translated from Icebox cookies & Langue de chat by ITO YUKA

Ingredients (makes a 10cm log of 18 – 20 cookies)

Basic dough (A)
200g unsalted butter (softened)
150g caster sugar
50g egg (c. 1 egg)
vanilla extract (few drops)
4 pinch of salt

食材 (可做一条 10厘米长、约18-20块曲奇)

基本面团 (A)
软化无盐黄油 200克
绵白糖 150克
鸡蛋 50克 (约 1颗)
香草精 数滴
盐 4搓


autumn wear icebox cookies
– cream butter and sugar till well incorporated and add in egg and vanilla. mix well

– add in salt and ensure all ingredients are well mixed

– to prepare coloured dough, fold in dry ingredients to butter/sugar mixture based on the following weight/instructions.

Original colour dough (250g will be used) / 原面团 (将使用250克)
150g of (A)
128g pastry flour
22g almond meal
– roll out 2 pieces of rectangle, L10cm x W14cm (125g/each; chilled)

150克 的(A)蛋糊
128克 面粉
22克 杏仁粉
-拌匀后,揉成两条长度 10厘米 x 宽度 14厘米的长方形面团 (各125克;冷藏备用)

Black colour dough (250g will be used)/色黑面团将使用250克)
150g of (A)
106g pastry flour
22g almond meal
15g black cocoa powder
7g cocoa powder
– roll out 2 pieces of rectangle, L10cm x W14cm (125g/each; chilled)

150克 的(A)蛋糊
106克 面粉
22克 杏仁粉
-拌匀后,同样的揉成两条长度10厘米 x 宽度 14厘米的长方形面团 (各125克;冷藏备用)

Pink colour dough (150g will be used)/粉色面团 (将使用150克)
100g of (A)
a bit of red food colouring powder
85g pastry flour
15g almond meal
– roll out one rectangle block, L10cm x W5cm (150g; chilled)

红色素 少许
85克 面粉
15克 杏仁粉
-拌匀后,揉成一条长度 10厘米 x 宽度 5厘米的长方形面团 (150克;冷藏备用)


autumn wear icebox cookies– place a piece of original rectangle dough on top of a black rectangle. Slice into half to become L10cm x 7cm. Repeat the same for the other original and black rectangle. Then place these layers on top of the other (you will get 8 layers in total)
首先,将一条长方形原面团摆放在一条长方形黑色面团上方。将其分割成一半,形成两条长度10厘米 x 7厘米的长形面团。此步骤重复于另一条原面团和黑色面团。将这4条面团重叠,这样就形成了一块儿8层的原色/黑色面团

– make light markings on top of cookie dough and slice into equal portions

– on each piece of cookie, slice off 1cm block off both the left and right sides. these will become the sleeves

– slice off a small triangle off the corner of each sleeve and attach to shirt. Gently pinch the seams so shirt and sleeves can come together

– slice skirt into equal portion and attach to shirt. make an angular cut on both sides so that skirt resembles a trapezium. you can also snip off a small triangle on the shirt to form a V-shaped collar

– bake in preheated oven of 135 degrees for 20-25mins
送入预热至135摄氏度烤箱烤 20-25分钟即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

autumn wear icebox cookies– after placing the layers of the shirt, i froze the shirt in a cling wrap. this helps when slicing the cookies into portion

– collar of shirt was cut out using the corner of a triangle cookie cutter
领子的 V形开口,我是用了三角形曲奇模具的一角裁切出的

– skirt was also frozen before slicing

– the assembled cookie was placed in the fridge for 30 mins before baking

– cookies were baked for 25 mins

autumn wear icebox cookies
happy baking (∩╹∀╹∩)*❤

Pollution index: 172 (unhealthy)


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