coffee ogura cakeRecipe adapted from Jane’s Corner

Ingredients (makes a 6″ square tin cake)

10g instant coffee powder
60g milk
33g oil
¼ tsp salt
55g superfine flour with small pinch of salt
4 egg yolks
1 small egg (Grade C)
150g egg white
50g caster sugar

coffee ogura cake– Line baking sheet at the bottom of an un-greased 6″ square pan and preheat the oven to 150°C with a tray of boiling water on the most bottom rack
– Heat milk till warm and mix in coffee powder. Whisk in corn oil,  salt, egg yolk and whole egg until frothy
– Sift in flour and mix well, set aside
– Using electric mixer, beat egg white and castor sugar till soft peak
– Mix 1/3 of meringue with yolk batter. Then pour in balance of meringue. Fold gently to mix
– Pour batter into pan and tap pan lightly to remove air bubbles
– Steam bake for 55mins or till cook
– Invert pan onto a cake rack and allow it to cool completely

Personal notes: 

starbucks VIA BOLD blend– my cake was baked for 55 mins
– i used 9g of Starbucks VIA extra bold blend and realise this is a good weight to achieve the true coffee aroma in a cake. however as the blend is very strong, i needed to increase the amount of sugar to 63g
– please refer to my earlier tricolour ogura cake post for tips on baking a successful ogura cake

coffee ogura cake


Pollution index: 159 (unhealthy)


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