sumo wrestler flat bunsand my 哈日continues with the sumo wrestler… hmmmm… what is the phrase for 哈日 in English? (?・・)σ
this time, i am making flat buns, using the water roux method

Dough recipe adapted from Shirley@Køkken


A. Water Roux
Bread flour           100g
Water                    500g

Bread flour            228g
Plain flour             60g
Dried Yeast          6g
Castor sugar         30g
Salt                       3g

Milk                     120g
Egg                      30g
A (Water Roux)   72g

Unsalted butter     30g

Raw sugar black bean paste


面包粉 100克
水 500克

面包粉 228克
面粉 60克
干酵母 6克
绵白糖 30克
盐 3克

牛奶 120克
鸡蛋 30克
A (汤种)72克

无盐奶油 30克



sumo wrestler flat bunsA. Water Roux/汤种
– Mix flour and water in a saucepan and stir well with a whisk. Heat up the mixture in the saucepan gradually until temperature reaches 65 C , stirring all the time
面粉和水放入锅中,拌匀。将其加热至 65摄氏度,中间不断搅拌

– Remove the mixture from heat and continue stirring until water roux thicken. Stirring lines should be visible in the water roux

– In a mixing bowl, mix B (except for salt) and C (except for water roux) and mix with a dough hook until the dough gathers to form a ball
容器中,将 B 食材(除盐)和 C食材(除汤种)用揉面器搅拌、和面直到成团

– Add Water Roux from C. Continue mixing until dough gathers together. Add the salt from B
将 C 的汤种加入。继续搅拌后,加入 B的盐

– Add butter and continue kneading for 15-20 mins on medium speed. The dough should no longer stick onto the wall of the mixing bowl. It should not be tacky when you tap on it with your fingers. Window pane test can be performed now by stretching the dough to form a thin pane. The stretched pane should not break
拌入黄油,搓揉 15-20分钟直到面团离盆边并变成拓展状态

– Gather the dough and roll it into a ball and let it proof in a lightly oiled bowl for 40mins at room temperature
面团搓成圆形,放入涂抹油的容器中,室温发酵约 40分钟

– Knead the dough slightly on a lightly floured board. Portion the dough into 40g portions. Roll each portion into a small ball and let it rest for 10mins
面团排气,分隔成 40克 等份。面团搓成圆球,静置 10分钟

– Flatten each dough and scoop about 20-25g of filling and seal the dough to form a round bun
面团擀平,裹入 20-25克馅料,封口捏紧,搓成圆球

– Place on a lined baking pan and place another baking sheet over it. Proof the dough for 30mins
摆放到铺上烘焙纸的烤盘,在摆上一个烤盘。面团发酵 30分钟

– Bake together with baking sheet on top at 170C for 20mins. Cool down
发酵后的面团连摆放在上方的烤盘送入预热至 170摄氏度烤箱烤 20分钟。取出后冷却

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

sumo wrestler flat buns– i used 20g of filling for each bun
我的馅料用了 20克

– after 20mins into second proofing, i drew sumo image by mixing a scant tsp of dark cocoa powder with 1 egg yolk. all other buns continue to proof under a baking sheet
二次发酵 20分钟后,我在面团画上相扑力士。面糊是在一颗蛋黄中,筛入并混合了一小匙黑可可粉。绘画当儿,其余的面团继续用盖上烤盘的方式发酵

– after drawing, line a piece of parchment paper carefully on top of buns, followed by a baking sheet. be careful not to move the parchment paper to avoid imprinting the “paint” onto other parts of the buns
绘画后,小心的在面团上摆放一张烘焙纸,让后再盖上烤盘。千万不可挪动烘焙纸,以免将花纹复印到面包其它不为 ~ 那就糟蹋了绘画功夫啦

sumo wrestler flat buns

がんばってください ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

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