IMG_8176sometimes, i just have absolutely no idea what i’m shaping

Recipe adapted from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes 13 buns)

250g bread flour
40g butter
2 tbsp condensed milk
2 tbsp sugar
12g skim milk powder
4g salt
175g water * i used milk
4g instant dry yeast
joshinko (i.e. rice flour) as desired


面包粉 250克
黄油 40克
炼奶 2大匙
糖 2大匙
脱脂奶粉 12克
盐 4克
水 175克*我用了牛奶
即溶干酵母 4克
粘米粉 适量


IMG_8174– place all ingredients (yes.. ALL, including butter) into bread machine or mixer and knead till you get a smooth dough *add a little bit of flour if you find your batter too wet and sticky but not too much as it will affect the texture. i personally added 3 sprinkles of flour
所有食材(yes..包括黄油)放入面包机或厨师器。和面至拓展状态 *如发觉面团太沾手,可撒入一些面粉。不可太多,要不然面包口感就不好啦。我个人就“撒入”了3小手面粉

– allow bread to proof for the first time, then punch dough down and divide into 13 pieces. rest for 15 mins
面团进行一次发酵后,排气、分隔成13等份。休面 15分钟

– shape dough into ball and allow to proof again till double in size

– sieve joshinko on buns and bake in preheated oven of 160 degrees for 15 mins *do not walk away when baking as bread browns easily! 
烘焙前在面包筛上粘米粉,送入预热至160摄氏度烤箱烤15分钟即可 *烘焙过程可别走远哈。。面包上色快。。可要死盯死盯哈

IMG_8177hello ~~ christmas

I am linking this post to “Cook & Celebrate: Christmas 2014” event hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat your Heart Out, Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Diana of The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

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  • nunoi (December 22, 2014)

    Hi Victoria

    Merry Christmas.
    May I ask if I should add butter after or not if I kned the bread by hand.

    Thank you so much.

    • Victoria Bakes (December 22, 2014)

      Hi Nunoi, knead everything together. that\’s the beauty of this recipe, you do not need to wait to incorporate butter later. please make sure the butter is softened. hope this helps

  • nunoi (December 22, 2014)

    Hi Victoria

    Thank you so much. Appreciated your great advice.

  • Zoe (@bake4happykids) (December 22, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,

    These breads are so fluffy and cute… I need to cuddle them first before I can eat them :p


  • Kimmy (December 22, 2014)

    Have plans to bake this bread but haven\’t get down to do it yet, huh…Must do it one day. Looks good.

  • May Law (December 22, 2014)

    超可爱的面包, 喜欢叻!
    亲亲, 祝你冬至快乐哦

  • 婉婉下午茶 (December 22, 2014)


  • LY (December 23, 2014)

    These bread are soooo cute!! Can\’t bear to eat them…

  • Mel (December 23, 2014)

    Still have yet to try out this condensed milk bread…. I can see that it is really soft and fluffy in texture.

  • doreen (December 23, 2014)

    Hi Vic,
    this is so cute!! Soft and fluffy..let me cuddle

  • dianaquek (January 2, 2015)

    Every time I leave a comment on your blog post, I will inevitably say SO CUTE. What to do, it\’s so true!

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