IMG_1059ingredients (makes twelve L 5.5 x W 2.0 x H 1.5cm candies)

200g high maltose syrup
50g caster sugar
30g water
20g egg white
20g hokkaido skim milk powder
20g horlicks
25g butter, softened
200g peanuts

IMG_1057食材(可做 12个 长 5.5 x 宽 2.0 x 高 1.5厘米牛乳糖)

水饴 200克
绵白糖 50克
水 30克
蛋白 20克
北海道脱脂奶粉 20克
好力克 20克
黄油 25克、软化
花生米 200克


IMG_1037spread peanuts on baking sheet
bake in 180 degrees C oven (no need to preheat) for 10 mins or till golden brown
送入 180摄氏度烤箱(无需预热)烤 10分钟或直到金黄色

IMG_1038allow peanuts to cool completely

IMG_1039heat high maltose syrup, sugar and water over medium-low heat

IMG_1042turn fire down to low heat once it starts to boil
continue to simmer till 135 degrees C
糖浆烧开后转小火继续熬至 135摄氏度

IMG_1043monitor temperature of sugar syrup
i started to beat egg white once it reaches 123 degrees C
我在糖浆熬至 123摄氏度时开始打发蛋白

IMG_1044beat egg white to stiff and shiny peak
it may look foamy but that’s fine (just make sure you do not over beat)

IMG_1045once sugar syrup reaches 135 degrees C, remove from stove
pour slowly into egg white meringue in 3 additions and beat over high speed
糖浆熬至 135摄氏度立马离火

IMG_1046once all sugar syrup has been beaten in, add in butter
beat with high speed once again till incorporated

IMG_1047add in milk powder and horlicks and fold evenly and quickly with spatula

IMG_1048finally add in toasted peanuts
knead and fold dough evenly
you can also place the entire candy dough onto a silicon mat to do this

IMG_1050place candy dough onto a pan lined with silicon mat
i used a 25 x 25 cm square pan and lined the candy dough to fit half the pan
我用了 25 x 25厘米方形烤盘,做了烤盘半份的量

IMG_1051fold silicon mat over the dough

IMG_1052move candy dough onto table top
roll out lightly and evenly
wrap tightly and chill till firm (around 30 mins)
裹紧、冷藏至凝固(约 30分钟)

IMG_1054trim and slice nougat

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_1060– i suggest you have all your ingredients and equipment ready as this nougat requires speed during preparation

– you can replace milk powder and horlicks with milk powder in entirety. hokkaido skim milk powder is NOT a must in this case but i like it as it because of aroma and the fineness

– i used 200g peanuts here. feel free to cut it down
这次用了 200克花生米~您可随意减量

IMG_0757– this is high maltose syrup. frankly, this is not easy to find.. i couldn’t find it anywhere in the supermarkets, not even in japan, though this is a widely used ingredient for japanese cakes these days. i finally found it off taobao
这是我用的水饴(念 “yi”~和意思的“意”同音)。说实在,虽然近期日本好多蛋糕食谱都用上水饴,但这东西还真是不好买。找了我好多超市,连日本的超市都被我逛烂。。就是找不着。。结果让我在万能的淘宝上淘到啦


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