when the man steps into the kitchen sniffing and saying “what’s that you are baking? it smells so good!”,
you know you must have done something right…
Phay Shing at Loving Creations for You had taken pains to trial and error this cake
so do hop over to check out the ingredients and directions
the two lovely mothers (Phay Shing and Susanne) who co-blog there bakes with so much love and creativity..
if you think i have been creative, wait till you see theirs
老小孩抖了抖鼻子,走进厨房问道 ”哇。。啥那么香呀”
感谢 Loving Creations for You  Phay Shing 的无私分享。。
那 Loving Creations for You 两位创始人, Phay Shing 和 Susanne的作品会让你大看眼界啦

Chiffon cake roll recipe adapted with modifications/戚风蛋糕食谱经调整取自于: Loving Creations for you

100g coconut cream
1 tbsp coconut sugar

浓椰浆 100克
椰子花糖 1大匙


chill a can of coconut cream the night before making cake

day of making cake: prepare bubur pulut hiram according to Phay Shing’s instructions
weigh out 120g bubur pulut hiram (for cake batter)
stir in 1 tbsp black sesame powder whilst porridge is still hot
set aside to cool
制做蛋糕当天: 根据 Phay Shing 做法制作黑糯米粥
称出 120克黑糯米粥(蛋糕面糊用)
趁热拌入 1大匙黑芝麻粉

prepare cake batter and pour into a greased & lined 28 x 28cm pan
tap pan lightly
制做蛋糕面糊、倒入抹油、铺上烘焙纸的 28 x 28厘米烤盘

bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 160 degrees C for 20-25 mins
(i baked for 22 mins)
送入预热至 160摄氏度中层烤箱烤 20-25分钟
(我烤了 22分钟)

once out of oven, invert cake on a clean piece of parchment paper, then peel off the bottom baking paper
decide which side of the cake you like facing outwards after rolling
that side should be cooled facing upwards (cover with a piece of baking paper to prevent it from drying out)

remove chilled coconut cream and spoon out the thicker portions of the cream (100g)
add in coconut sugar and whisk till thick
取出冷藏的浓椰浆,勺出 100克较厚的椰浆

trim top and bottom of cake and spread whipped coconut cream onto it

roll cake up with the help of parchment paper
swiss roll tightly and chill overnight before slicing

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– differences i made to cake batter: i omitted the charcoal powder and used 1 tbsp black sesame powder in egg yolk batter; omitted cream of tartar and used 20g coconut sugar for egg white meringue instead of 30g caster sugar
我在蛋糕糊做了小调整:蛋黄糊的竹炭粉我免去,用了 1大匙黑芝麻粉;蛋白霜的塔塔粉免去,并用了 20克椰子花糖替代 30克绵白糖

– i used a 28 x 28cm square pan instead of 7 inch round/square pan since I was making a Swiss roll 因做蛋糕卷缘故,没用 7寸圆/方形烤盘,而用了 28 x 28厘米烤盘

IMG_2641total winner in texture and taste…
thank you Phay Shing! looking forward to more of your lovely creations
Phay Shing,再次期待您下一个美味作品哈


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  • Phay Shing (May 10, 2016)

    You finally made it! Very nice adaptations! 💕💕 Agree it smells so good!

  • Veronica Ng (May 10, 2016)

    I have no doubt this unusual flavour Swiss roll taste fantastic! Black glutinous in a cake, yum!

  • Vos (May 11, 2016)

    Hi did you modify the amount of ingredients or you followed exactly except that few adjustments you mentioned? And how can I replace coconut sugar with? Powdered sugar? Thanks

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