ingredients (makes 9) dough 200g bread flour 20g sugar 4g salt 20g butter 4g instant dry yeast 10g egg 95ml milk (+/- 10ml) 30ml water 100g butter kit kat, 9 individual wafers finishing 1 tbsp egg + 1 tbsp water 食材(可做 9个) 面团 面包粉 200克 糖 20克 盐 4克 黄油 20克 即溶干酵母 4克 蛋液 10克 牛奶 95毫升(+/- 10毫升) 水 30毫升 黄油 100克 kit kat,9 条[…]

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how much better can it get then to get the recipe off the very person who invented it? chef dominique ansel! the richness and flakiness of a croissant coupled with the fluffiness of a donut i really do not know how else to describe this.. probably one of my top bakes that i love the most as the cronut has been patented, i will not[…]


as zoe rightly put it, this “cheat” version (which omits the lamination process) yields pretty much a croissant.. except that it doesn’t have that desired flaky interior regardless, it truly makes baking croissants much easier.. i gave these away to the migrant community.. and the feedback was “marvellous”! do give it a go.. please refer to this link for traditional croissant recipe 事先说明。。因这食谱不使用传统可颂制作方式 所以做出来的效果木有您所渴望一口咬下去有那脆脆的口感 但,大致上,这简易版的牛角包还真是另人回味。。 我将牛角包送给了打工子弟们当早点。。大家都大赞“好吃”呀! 试试哈! 想制作传统可颂,请参考此mini croissant[…]


winter seem to be arriving much earlier than it supposed to have.. it’s so chilly… plus central heating has not come on… so the average room temperature, is 5 degrees C… ꒰⌯͒•ɷ•⌯͒꒱ brrrrrrr…. this is the best weather to make anything laminated dough… Recipe adapted and translated from Jenny’s Delicacy (further adapted from Alex Goh’s The World of Bread) Ingredients (makes 16 normal sized croissants or 32[…]

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