when i saw wing wah(荣华) selling mooncakes at the airport, i knew that that time of the year is approaching again. i’d decided to start early this year with baking mooncakes so that i can give’em away and bake more by trying other varieties  ヾ(^-^)ノ Recipe adapted from Happy Home Baking (original recipe from 贝太厨房) Ingredients (makes 12~13 mini mooncakes) dough 100g plain flour 70g golden syrup 2ml alkaline[…]


I have a phobia for traditional mooncake. the 2:8 or 3:7 ratio scares me… how do you wrap 35g of filling with 15g of dough. reminds me of pineapple tarts… but well, as a vivid gym-goer, the attitude is no fear, just do it. I’m really glad how this turns out this time… good recipe from Happy Home Baking. Pollution index: 203 (oh boy, unhealthy)

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