ingredients (9 inch round pie) crust 155g crushed oreo/chocolate cookie crumbs 2 tbsp sugar 55g butter, melted and cooled filling 245g milk 2 tsp gelatin powder 1 tbsp sugar 40g egg yolk c. 2 large egg yolk 170g semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 tsp bailey’s chocolate luxe (feel free to substitute with vanilla extract or original bailey’s) 250g whipping cream 食材(9寸圆形派) 饼皮 奥利奥/巧克力曲奇碎 155克 糖 2大匙[…]


i have been wanting to make this apple pie and no matter how i source, there is one recipe (i.e. this) that many people have tried i’d read many “failed” attempts on this recipe’s tart shell.. e.g. butter melts too easily (SUPER TRUE), dough isn’t enough to make the (5-6) servings (TRUE), dough tears easily (VERY TRUE) etc indeed, the dough isn’t easy to handle.[…]

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