when I knew dad was going to be back in town this week, i was very excited because i know there is another “mouth” for me to feed.

Beijing had been raining really hard for the past 48 hours – nice change. i do like it, except that it seem to be raining dirt ~ Beijing is just too polluted. I was really upset when the government warned the US embassy to stop publishing the pollution index ~ so how else to tell if i should open the windows to air the house??? my naked eyes arent expert eyes!

I was greeted with a nice surprise when Markus told me the index was working again ~ in his words, people will always find ways. Well, isnt it so true for otherwise, i will not be able to blog. Pollution index, 29! Good! windows are opened , oh ya, for sure!

As I grow older, I realised many things doesn’t matter as much anymore except for the happiness and good health of the people I love and care for. just like how dad captioned my Totoro black sesame bun ~ 老虎牙齿平常心


  • Chia Yan yan says:

    Hi..just chance on yr blog and saw the cute totoro sesame bun..can I hv ye recipe co I would like to try

    • Hi , apologies i did not keep the recipe. In the earlier days, i used my blog as a private E-diary which i only opened up later. I kinda trashed all recipes after baking (as they are all in paper form). There are many nice black sesame buna recipe out there though so you can just use the dough recipe and shape into totoro.i believe i piped icing onto the dough to be the belly and melted chocolate for expressions. The thing i will do different now is to use cookie dough for the belly instead of icing. Hope this helps and thanks for coming by

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