believe it or not, is a lapis… i wonder if the person was trying to put me “to the test”… i was supposed to deliver this tomorrow but i started baking it on Saturday. why? kiasu…. so afraid it will turn out a disaster .. like i said, i cannot bake under pressure. if Sat fails, i have Sunday! oh ya… u need a good weekend afternoon to bake it… so you can cry overnight and ponder about your mistakes, or you have a good rest day the next day…

i’m very happy with this result – I always like Bisous A Toi’s lapis recipes. you need to follow everything to the T.

In Anthony Bourdain’s words “Oh Ya, it’s goooodddd”.. and of course, NO RESERVATIONS with the ingredients 😉

Pollution index: 39 (healthy) ~ what a beautiful day

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