i find myself no longer looking for recipes on the web… rather, i’m looking for creative shaping ideas.. i spend no lesser than 2 hours in shaping these days… so i’m facing the “trouble” having the first batch being toooo risen compared to the other… sigh… maybe i should handle smaller dough next time.. but i really prefer everything fresh and i won’t know if i will be in the mood to bake bread so till then.. i’ll still have this trouble.

been busy yesterday baking the lapis that colleague had ordered ~ i really love all the recipes by Bisous A Toi.. taste and sweetness just nice ~ especially lapis recipes .. no adjustments needed. of course, you need to already know the basics when you use her recipes…

hussled Emanuel (Executive Chef at St. Regis) to give me a lesson on pastry which he has agreed and we’re gonna start with chocolate! tempering chocolate and using chocolate transfer sheet. i really can’t wait!

Pollution index: 103 (unhealthy for sensitive groups) and raining

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