banana bread

i told a friend over brunch, that i wish there will be a strong gush of wind… so strong to disperse the pollutants. the air in Beijing is getting ridiculous ~ you cannot see anything beyond 100m. i think this is the worst pollution i ever experiences in my 7 years in Beijing. In fact, the index climbed to as high as 993 on a particular day!

it was reported that there will be strong wind on Wednesday.. in chinese, they say 三四级风 .. i was wondering, is that enough? we probably need a 六级风!

ok – this banana bread ~ i really love it i ate an entire mini loave myself. i derived the basic from Flour’s Famous Banana bread recipe but added chocolate essence, and VIA coffee powder! i mean, cinnamon goes well with chocolate and coffee brings out the aroma of chocolate. so hey, why not?

the result was absolutely stunning. many thumbs up! the downside is, i did not measure the amount of chocolate essence i put in.. it was agar-agar… hmmm…

Pollution index: 332 (hazardous)


  • Wow it is so bad? My god, so you are stuck at home if the PI is that high? You know I always thought your PI refers to how fattening your cakes/cookies are, hehe.
    You know when I first went to BJ in Nov/Dec1993 for a 1-week cultural immersion, i remember my hair was stuck and cannot be combed with a comb at the end of the day, and my nostrils were filled with pi-sai bcos of the dust particles. And in those days, they burned charcoal for heating for the school I stayed at, I wonder do they still do the same…

    • hahahahahaha! u r very funny! yes, the pollution index refers to Beijing air pollution.. u r very creative to think it is the bakes calories. The static is indeed annoying… i can hv my hair blown nicely and if i take off one shirt (e.g. sweater), my hair will then all stick up! as if i \”kua dio gwee!\”

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