swiss roll castle

we woke up to a thick blanket of white snow this morning… even during winter, we never saw that much of snow. it all started with snowing mud yesterday noon time and by midnight, the snow just made its way into city. I read in the news that at 3.55pm yesterday, the entire sky in Hong Kong was black.. like night time. what have we done to mother earth?

i had the thought of building a swiss roll castle for a long long time but it’s like a big project… i don’t mean big big project like a wedding cake . my kitchen does not accomodate that capacity.. but that i had to bake 2 patterned swiss rolls… and the unfortunate thing was i was running out of space in the fridge so i was compelled to build the castle before they could be chilled and firm. No prize for guessing it right ~ i had difficulty cutting it properly and big part of the fault was MINE! i have a problem cutting things straight! urgggghhhhh!!

Pollution index: 146 (unhealthy)

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