rilakkuma raspberry swiss roll

After a year and a half, I finally return to Hong Kong with hubby. Felt so at home… didn’t realise I miss Hong Kong so much until I step foot there. It has changed… changed in that all the little boutiques are gone.. I remember enjoying my shopping therapy at Island Kimberley but the shops have now vanished. Instead, they are all replaced by Big Brand name shops. Annot told me the streets in TST and Causeway bay are now dotted by branded shops, jewellery shops, electronics stores… and those in Yau Ma Tei, by medical stores selling MILK POWDER! no prizes on who these targeted tourists are…

The little shop sitting in Causeway Bay selling cute rilakkuma stuff is still there! I found this cute little folder that immediately caught my eye… I told myself i wanted it on my swiss roll! oh well, the effect is not that good but hey, afterall, my first try on creating my very own patterned swiss roll cake ya?

It wasn’t easy finding a cover for my iphone 4 ~ they were either on discount, or on clearance. Gosh… this really shamed me… I told myself i needed a new phone. And I remember the launch of the pink Samsung Note II Lte…. i told myself.. fate.. if I walk past an electronic store and see it, I will buy it… and in 5 mins, I saw Fortress right infront of me… with the striking pink handset on display. Fate? probably more than that…

Pollution index: 273 (very unhealthy)


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