obama sweet dough bun

nope i am not back in beijing yet and am now blogging from the comforts of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok… apparently this is a very famous hotel amongst poets and celebrities and when i knew i will be staying here, i decided to keep a couple of my bakes for this week’s post… you know… just trying to join the bandwagon of poets who write whilst contemplating the river….

obama sweet dough bun

these are actually one of the chocolate custard buns that i made last week since i used only half the dough portion for winnie the pooh. i left the other portion of the dough to rise in the fridge and baked them fresh the next day….

obama sweet dough bun

i’m really addicted to these hand painted buns now .. it is really time consuming i have to say but they are seriously fun… when i get back, you can expect more of these from me 😀

obama sweet dough bunobama sweet dough bun

from one of the anonymous poets ~ some of the nicest people i know have insomnia


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