mushroom bread

i finally found MY type of bread! this japanese recipe just blows everyone away! it is soooo soft… yes, even better than water-roux method… the maid said the bread is so good to eat it even on its own…. this is my second time makeing this and i like to share this with everyone (you can omit the mushroom and make it a plain bread ~ just bump up sugar to make it a sweet bun) ~ … and remember.. the key here, is to rise the bread at 26 degrees C throughout proofing and resting process for 30-40 mins……  you will not regret this ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Original recipe adapted from Chef 四川功晃


Starter dough
100g plain flour
70g water
2g salt
0.4g instant dry yeast

Main dough
250g bread flour
4g salt
50g sugar
4g instant dry yeast
100g fresh milk
38g egg
31g egg yolk
75g unsalted butter (softened)
*plus 50g of starter dough
10 mushrooms

面粉 100克
水 70克
盐 2克
即溶干酵母 0.4克

面包粉 250克
盐 4克
糖 50克
即溶干酵母 4克
鲜奶 100克
蛋液 38克
蛋黄液 31克
无盐黄油 75克(软化)
(以上)老面团 50克
蘑菇 10颗

mushroom bread Directions/做法

– mix all ingredients of starter dough and leave it to rise at 26 degrees C for 3 hours. You can do this the night before baking but please chill the starter dough
所有老面团食材混合,以温度 26摄氏度发酵 3小时。您可选择烘焙前一晚准备老面团并将其冷藏

– mix all ingredients of main dough (except butter) and knead till it is no longer sticky

– add in butter and continue kneading till you achieve window pane stage

– first proofing: proof dough for 30-40 mins at room temperature of 26 degrees celsius
一次发酵:室温 26摄氏度发酵 30-40分钟

– gently punch dough down and divide into 10 portions (each) of 30g dough (for mushroom head) and 15g dough (stalk) ~ i.e. you should have 20 portions of divided dough
面团排气、分割成 10份30克面团(蘑菇头)和 10份15克面团(蘑菇梗)。最终应有 20份面团

– rest dough for 30mins at room temperature of 26 degrees celsius
静置面团:室温 26摄氏度静置面团30分钟

– after resting, flatten dough and place all the 15g dough into a 3cm diameter mould. Lightly roll out mushroom head into 5cm diameter flat disc
静置后,面团排气,并将 15克面团摆入 3厘米宽的圆形模。蘑菇头面团擀开成5厘米宽的面皮

– second proofing: proof all dough for 30-40mins at room temperature of 26 degrees celsius
二次发酵:室温 26摄氏度,发酵 30-40分钟

– preheat oven to 240 degrees C
烤箱预热至 240摄氏度

– once proofed, snip the top of stalk and gently place mushroom into dough. Cover stalk with mushroom head and sift flour on top

– bake for 15-18 mins
烤 15-18分钟即可

mushroom bread Personal notes/温馨小贴士:
– i was not very comfortable with 240 degrees C. both times i used this recipe, I baked at 180 degrees. This time, i tried baking at lower rack at 240 degrees C. However the bread browned very quickly. So i turned it down to 180 degrees C again, and also baked for 15mins. So please use discretion whilst baking
240摄氏度对我来说有点高。这食谱我做了两次。两次都以 180摄氏度烘烤。这次,我试着用 240摄氏度,烤箱最底层。面包还是上色上得特快。我只好降温至 180摄氏度,烘焙过程只需15分钟

– i omitted the mushrooms as the kids like sweet buns ~ so i bumped up the sugar to 60g
蘑菇我免了。。小朋友喜欢甜面包,所以我讲糖份增加至 60克

Highly recommended recipe… but it is indeed a difficult dough to work with… nonetheless, you will not regret it… hv fun (´∀`)♡

Pollution index: 78 (good)


  • Edith C says:

    Victoria, after mixing the ingredients for starter dough, how do I maintain it at 26 deg C thoroughout for 3 hours? In the oven? Also when to chill the starter dough ? as you indicated that it has to be 26 deg C I was wondering how come must chilled?

    Pardon me for having so many question. wanted to bake bread today.

    • Hi Edith, no worries about question. for starter dough, if you are making on the day you are making the bread, u just need to prepare it 3 hours in advance. if you are making bread tomorrow and making starter dough today, then you must put your starter dough in fridge. And before you use it tomorrow, just take out from fridge and let it get to room temperature before using.

      for professionals, they have a yeast rising oven. for us homemakers, you can use your steamer if you have one. place water in it, and warm it till btw 30-35 degrees. rise your dough in the steamer. another good thing to use is if you have a big styrofoam box at home (those they use to keep frozen fish or ice). just put 30-35 degrees C water in box, place 4 glasses on each corner, place your tray on top of glass, cover the lid and rise dough. Oven is abit difficult to control temperature unless u have a professional rising oven at home. hope this helps… this is good bread.

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Nice to see so many wonderful bakex from you
    OK would like to try this recipie with your nutella filling. Can you please tell me how much is 0.4 gm of yeast in terms of measuring spoon.??. And you only did half recipie of this dough for 7 nutella buns right. OK for this mushroom what type of mushrooms and do you need to dice them before adding to main dough. Also what type of 3 cm mould are you using for the stalk?. Please let me know as I want to try this dough. Is it very sticky to handle. Thanks so much. Regards

    • Hi Chloe, i am currently travelling and am posting back dated bakes. I suggest you measure your yeast on a digital scale, which is a handy gadget u should.hv in the kitchen.

      U do not need to dice the mushroom. Pls refer to the last second bit of instruction.

      The 3cm mould is just a normal ring mould which is 3cm in diameter, just like u hv cake rings available un bigget size. I bought mine in japan.

      Dough is very soft as is any brioche dough but is not sticky
      Hope this helps.

  • lane says:

    Hi victoria, I want to ask you put starter dough only 50 gram put into main dough ? how for the left starter dough you put in the fridge ? thank you

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