King of Love icebox cookies

some ugly pack of poker cards eh? 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

… as you can see, some of the moustache did not turn out nicely… plus, the love looked more like a V (V for Victoria)… and! i forgot to roll the outline for the eyes, so the king look as if he has really small eyes… focus V focus V!!! (`・ω・´)ゞ

these cookies took me more than 2 hours to complete. the mere need to prepare the individual portions took an hour (because i was trying to be as accurate as i could on measurement).. they are round about the size of a deck of poker cards…

Original recipe adapted and translated from Icebox cookies & Langue de chat by ITO YUKA

Ingredients (makes12-14 cookies)

Basic dough (A)
200g unsalted butter (softened)
150 caster sugar
50g egg (c. 1 egg)
vanilla extract (few drops)
4 pinch of salt

食材 (A)(可做 12-14片)

无盐黄油 200克,软化
绵白糖 150克
鸡蛋 50克(约 1颗蛋)
香草精 数滴
盐 4搓

King of Love icebox cookiesDirections/做法

– cream butter and sugar till well incorporated and add in egg and vanilla. mix well

– add in salt and ensure all ingredients are well mixed.

– fold in dry ingredients to A based on the following weight
根据以下干食材份量加入 A

Original colour dough (6g will be used)/原面团(使用份量 6克)
50g of (A)
43g pastry flour
7g almond meal

A食材 50克
低筋面粉 43克
杏仁粉 7克

– eye ball: 2 round thin logs (3g/ each; room temperature)
眼睛:圆柱 2条(各3克;室温)

Black colour dough (91g will be used)/ 黑色面团 (使用份量 91克)
100g of (A)
70g pastry flour
15g almond meal
10g black cocoa powder
5 g cocoa powder

A 食材 100克
低筋面粉 70克
杏仁粉 15克
黑可可粉 10克
可可粉 5克

– moustache: 2 logs of of triangle (4g/each; chilled)
胡子:3角柱 2条(各4克;冷藏)

– love: 1 log of triangle (6g/each; chilled)
爱心:三角柱 1条 (6克;冷藏)

– crown (1): 3 logs of triangle (5g/each; frozen)
皇冠 (1):三角柱1条(5克; 冷冻)

– crown (2): a thinly rolled out piece with width of 3cm (15g/each; frozen)
皇冠(2):宽 3厘米的薄片 1片(15克;冷冻)

– mouth: a thinly rolled out piece with width of 1cm (3g/each; frozen)
嘴巴:宽 1厘米薄片 1片(3克;冷冻)

– eyes ball (pupil): 2 thin logs (1g each; frozen)
眼珠:棒状 2条(各 1克;冷冻)

– hair: 2 thinly rolled out pieces with width of 6cm (11g/each; room temperature)
头发:宽 6厘米的薄片2片(各 11克;室温)

– eyes (outline): a thinly rolled out piece with width of 9cm (10g each; room temperature) ~ you cannot see this on my cookie because i forgot about it 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
眼睛外线:宽 9厘米的薄片 1片(10克;室温) ~ 我的曲奇上您看不见。。因为忘了裹!!!

– nose (outline): a thinly rolled out piece with width of 5cm (10g each; room temperature)
鼻子外线:宽 5厘米的薄片 1片 (10克;室温)

Yellow colour dough (352g will be used)/黄色面团(使用份量 352克)
250g of (A)
176g pastry flour
37g almond meal
37g pumpkin powder
A 食材 250克
低筋面粉 176克
杏仁粉 37克
南瓜粉 37克

– nose: 1 log of triangle (4g each; frozen)
鼻子:三角柱 1条(4克;冷冻)

– hair: 2 thinly rolled out pieces with width of 5.5cm (9g each; room temperature)
头发:宽 5.5厘米的薄片 2片(各 9克;室温)

– dough for filling empty spaces: (330g; room temperature)

– to make heart: roll out log for heart and make a slit in the middle. Chill for 5 mins
制作爱心:爱心黑色面团上划上一刀,捏出爱心造型。冷冻 5分钟

– to make eyes: slit the 2 round thin logs of original dough (for eye ball) into half and place the black pupil in. Wrap well and chill for 5 mins. Wrap with eye outline dough and cut away excess. Chill for 5 mins
制作眼睛: 将原色面团(眼睛(切成 2等份,中间夹住黑色面团(眼珠)。冷冻 5分钟。包上一层片状的黑色面团(眼睛外线)之后,切除多余面团。冷冻 5分钟

– to make nose: wrap yellow portion of nose with black nose outline. Chill for 5 mins
制作鼻子:将黄色面团(鼻子)放在黑色面团(鼻子)上,并于适当处将面团切下,捏塑出鼻子造型。冷冻 5分钟

– to make crown: place crown (1) on top of crown (2). fill the middle empty portions with yellow dough. Chill for 5 mins
制作皇冠:将黑色面团(皇冠1)放在(皇冠2)上,再用棒状的黄色面团(填料面团)将缝隙填满。冷冻 5分钟

– to make moustache: slightly curl the place dough on one end of the moustache and chill for 5 mins (mine looks too sharp)
制作胡子:将三角柱的黑色面图团(胡子)前段稍微弯曲,捏塑出胡子造型。冷冻 5分钟

– to make hair: place yellow hair piece on top of black hair dough piece and make a slight swiss roll curl of 1cm. Chill for 5 mins
制作头发:将黑色面团(头发)放在保鲜膜上,接着预留 1厘米将黄色面团(头发)叠放在上方;一边来气保鲜膜一边将面团卷至一半。冷冻 5分钟

King of Love icebox cookiesAssembling/组合
– the book did not give instructions on the width and height of the base layer, but i used a width of 7cm
书上没注明曲奇宽度和高度,所以我将曲奇捏塑成 7厘米宽度

– beginning with a base of rolled out yellow dough, slowly stack up with the mouth, filling with yellow dough on empty spaces, followed by moustache, nose, eyes, crown, hair and love. At every step you need to fill in yellow dough to ensure it builds up a block. wrap cookie with cling wrap and freeze for 30 mins
在片状黄色面团(填料面团)由下,往上组合:嘴巴,填面团,胡子、鼻子、眼睛、皇冠、皇冠、头发,然后爱心。组合每一步骤都必须将缝隙用黄色面团填满。组合完成后,包上保鲜膜,冷冻 30分钟

– slice cookies into equal portions and bake in preheated oven of 135 degrees C for 20-25mins
曲奇切片后,送入预热至 135摄氏度烤箱烤 20-25分钟既可

Something different for your afternoon tea ….. play poker with your friends and if they lose, eat their card ♪(┌・。・)┌

T.C.I.F. ~ and since i reside in China…. it’s Thank Confucius It’s Friday!


Pollution index: 66 (good)


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