chocolate wassant breada fellow singaporean friend (amongst many others) always complain about the quality of bread in beijing. i think a large reason is attributed to the water and ingredients that the bakery use (in my hubby’s words, the bread here stinks)… plus, the weather here really does not help to keep the bread moist… anyway (coming back), one of the answers to the ” you bake so much… who eats them” question, is this friend… whom, well, truly works hard… so the late hours, plus “i hate the bread in beijing” had him turn to my bakings (wooo-hooo)…. so as you figured, yes, this is also baked for him


Dough recipe and instructions can be found here (less the mushrooms of course)

Chocolate paste recipe adapted and translated from Carol
50g chocolate
20g unsalted butter
20g bread flour
10g cocoa powder
5g corn flour
60g milk
20g castor sugar
1 egg white



烘焙巧克力 50克
无盐黄油 20克
面包粉 20克
可可粉 10克
粟粉 5克
牛奶 60克
绵白糖 20克
蛋白 1颗


chocolate wassant bread

  • melt chocolate and butter (separately) over a simmering pot of water

  • sift bread flour, cocoa powder and corn flour. set aside

  • add milk and sugar into flour mixture and mix well

  • add in (in this order) melted chocolate, butter and egg white to the above mixture

  • heat up mixture over low heat. Stir constantly with a balloon whisk

  • mix till everything forms into a soft dough (and does not stick to side of pan)

  • allow dough to chill between 2 pieces of cling wrap

  • roll dough out into a 18 x 18cm square. wrap chocolate dough with cling wrap and place into fridge to chill
    将其擀开成 18 x 18厘米的四方形。裹上保鲜膜、冷藏

  • prepare bread dough and after resting dough (post first proofing), roll dough out into a 36 x 36cm square
    准备面团。以此发酵后,将面团擀成 36 x 36厘米四方形面皮

  • place chocolate dough in the middle and wrap. Roll out and fold laminated dough according to Carol’s link
    巧克力夹馅摆放在面皮中间,封口收紧。跟着 Carol 老师的图解,进行折叠、擀开步骤

  • slit dough into 3 equal plaits (but not cutting the dough entirely) and plait accordingly. place inside 450g loaf pan and proof for 50-60mins
    面团分割成 3部份(面团不可切断),编辫子。面团放入 450克烤盘,发酵 50-60分钟

  • bake in preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 35mins (if bread is browning too fast, tent the bread at 25mins of baking time)
    送入预热至 170摄氏度烤箱烤 35分钟即可 (如上色太快,可在 第25分钟时用锡纸遮盖面包

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

chocolate wassant bread

  • at the last folding/rolling stage, i rolled the dough into a length of 54cm and sliced triangle shapes out of the dough (measurements depends on how big you want your bun to be). the base of my bun is 4cm
    三折、擀开程序后,我将面皮干成 54厘米长的面皮,并切出三角形(大小随心意)。我每份面皮的宽度是 4厘米

  • make a small cut at the middle of the base as this allows you to roll your bun better. when rolling, stretch the dough by holding it with one hand on the pointed end whilst rolling up using the other hand

  • i brushed my buns with egg wash (i added 1/2 tbsp water to the egg that was leftover from the main dough)
    我在面包上刷了蛋液(用剩余的鸡蛋拌入 1/2大匙水即可)

  • my buns were baked for 18 mins in preheated oven of 180 degrees C
    我用了 180摄氏度烤箱,面包烤了 18分钟

chocolate wassant bread

and these are for the fellow singaporean friend….  (☆^O^☆)


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