bicycle cookies

i’m obsessed with these icebox cookies ~ they just add so much fun and colours to the table….

Ingredients (makes a 7cm log of 12 – 14 cookies)

Basic dough (A)
100g unsalted butter (softened)
75 caster sugar
25g egg (c. 1/2 egg)
vanilla extract (few drops)
2 pinch of salt


bicycle icebox cookies– cream butter and sugar till well incorporated and add in egg and vanilla. mix well
– add in salt and ensure all ingredients are well mixed
– fold in dry ingredients to butter/sugar mixture based on the following weight. This forms the basic dough (which we will call A)

Original colour dough (271g will be used)
140g of (A)
119g pastry flour
21g almond meal
– bicycle handle: semi-circle log (4g/each; chilled)
– wheel (big): a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W9cm (20g/each; room temperature)
– wheel (small): a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W5.5cm (7g/each; room temperature)
– dough for filling empty spaces: (240g; room temperature)

Black colour dough (48g will be used)
30g of (A)
22g pastry flour
4g almond meal
4g cocoa powder
– bicycle seat: a thin log L7cm x W0.5cm (2g/each; chilled)
– wheel (big): a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W10cm (30g/each; room temperature)
– wheel (small): a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W6cm (11g/each; room temperature)
– bicycle handle: a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W2.5cm (5g/each; room temperature)

Pink colour dough (28g will be used)
30g of (A)
26g pastry flour
4g almond meal
slight drop of red food colouring
– bicycle body:  a thinly rolled out sheet L7cm x W12cm (room temperature)

bicycle icebox cookies

– wrap original colour bicycle handle with black colour dough bicycle handle. slice off excess dough. Freeze handle for 5 mins
– do a swiss roll by wrapping original colour wheel (big) with black colour dough wheel (small). Repeat the same for wheel (small). Freeze both wheels for 10 mins
– once again, the book did not give instructions on how much dough to use as base so you will ned to make an estimation. I rolled out a square dough of L7cm x W7cm as base
– place big wheel on top of base and fill up empty spaces around the wheel. attach bicycle body to original dough and secure small wheel. Once again at each stage, refill empty spaces with original colour dough
– secure bicycle seat next to bicycle body and refill empty spaces. Ensure that you are building up to a triangle shaped cookie
– lastly, affix the bicycle handle and use the rest of the original colour dough to fill empty spaces
– wrap cookie dough with cling wrap and freeze for at least 30 mins before slicing and baking
– slice cookies into equal shapes and trim the sides as desired
– bake in preheated oven of 135 degrees C for 20-25 mins

Personal notes:

bicycle icebox cookies– i did not trim the sides of my cookies as i find the wriggly sides kawaii (⌒.−)=★
– my cookies were baked for 25 mins

Bring that wow to your kitchen  (o⌒.⌒o)


Pollution index: 154 (unhealthy)

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