wife cakei have been wanting to make this again since i last made it in 2010… however (as frustrating as it can be), i really couldn’t find winter melon candy… so when i came across this recipe on 贝太厨房 which uses dessicated coconut, i was over the moon. Plus, this pastry is really easy to handle… (o⌒.⌒o) 中文食谱请参考以上贝太厨房连接

Original recipe adapted and translated from 贝太厨房

Oil dough (油皮 ~ including the chinese in case my translation is incorrect)
200g cake flour
50g bread flour
50g lard
25g caster sugar
125ml water

Oil pastry (油酥)
220g cake flour
110g lard

225g glutinous rice flour
45ml oil
45g lard
150g caster sugar
150ml water
50g dessicated coconut

*2 egg yolks for egg wash and roasted white sesame seeds for decoration


wife cake– mix all ingredients for oil dough, and knead till it comes together. Wrap with cling wrap and rest for 30 mins
– mix all ingredients for oil pastry until they come together and set aside
– meantime, bake glutinous rice flour in preheated oven of 150 degrees C for 10 mins. Then mix it together with all the other filling ingredients
– weigh out 28g of oil dough, 20g oil pastry and 25g filling
– wrap oil pastry in oil dough. Seal seams well and roll out flat (to resemble shape of tongue)
– roll dough up like swiss roll from furthest point towards you and turn dough 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Roll out flat again. Repeat this process 3x in total
– roll dough into a flat round disc and place filling in the centre. seal seams well
– roll cake out so that they are 1cm thick
– brush cakes with beaten egg yolks, and sprinkle white sesame seeds on top
– bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 190 degrees C for 25 mins

Personal notes:

wife cake– i made 15 cakes in total and used coconut oil in the filling
– i found the filling pretty oily (before baking) and found it easier to wrap the dough when i flatten the filling slightly as compared to wrapping the dough when filling is shaped in a round ball
– the filling did turn out well set after baking
– i pricked small holes on the cake before baking so that they will not puff up too much during baking. Instead of using sesame seeds, i stamped the cakes with this new chop i got in Hong Kong (Shanghai Street)…. these are really easy to use. Just place the wooden chop onto red food colouring. Make sure the characters are not too wet. Holding the cake on my left hand, i gently pressed the chop onto the cake, bottom up. I did not want to risk placing the whole chop onto the cake as these are really flaky… the skin may tear easily if you attempt to apply too much pressure onto the cake. Also, please do not pull the entire chop up as you may tear the skin. Lift it up gently from one end to the other

wife cake

the cake is very flaky… and the best thing about this is that the dough is so easy to handle. I thought the filling tasted pretty sweet before baking but kind of mellowed down after baking. So if you are not going after something very sweet, this is for you  (☆^ー^☆)

wife cake

Pollution index: 227 (heavily polluted)


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