coffee swirl chiffon cakei double bake a lot ~ what does that mean? it means i bake twice a day… most of the time. i’m an early bird, so i wake up early to prepare my husband for his day, and once he leaves, i’m in the kitchen whisking away…. depending on complexity of the bake, i’m usually quite tired by the afternoon… (-’๏_๏’-)

and yesterday, was bad… i was really tired but yet the hands wanted to “keep going”… i wanted to bake a chiffon cake and you know what? my first attempt at this turned out to look like an amphitheatre… you know what that means ya? sunk no less than titanic… oh well, sometimes, our food do tell us when it’s time to rest… ヽ(。_°)ノ

so this is my second attempt… the “morning after” (kakakaka)

Original recipe by 青井 X 子

Ingredients (for 17cm / 20cm cake respectively)

4 / 7 large egg yolk
50cc / 90cc salad oil
50cc / 90cc warm milk
70g / 120g cake flour
4 / 7 large egg white
65g / 110g sugar (sifted once)
2 tbsp of instant coffee dissolved in 1 tsp hot water


coffee swirl chiffon cake– add salad oil to egg yolks and whisk to incorporate
– add in warm milk to mixture and mix well. Sift flour into mixture all at once and whisk well
– beat egg white till frothy and no longer in liquid form. Add sugar in 2 additions and whisk till stiff and shiny peaks are achieved
– add 1/3 of egg white meringue into yolk batter and use whisk to mix. Then change to a rubber spatula and fold the batter well to ensure the bottom have been well mixed. Add in the leftover egg white meringue in 2 more additions and repeat the same process. Once your batter is light and fluffy, stop mixing. Over mixing will cause batter to deflate. add in coffee mixture and swirl batter lightly
– pour batter into pan from a considerable height ~ this helps to eliminate the amount of air bubbles in the batter
– bake 17cm cake for 25mins and 20cm cake for 30mins in 180 degrees C preheated oven
– invert cake to cool once out of oven and allow to cool completely
– once cake has cooled, wrap cake (still in pan) in plastic bag and place in fridge. This prevents the cake from drying out
– by placing cake in fridge for 2-3 days before unmoulding helps to stabilize cake and keeps it moist. Also, the cake taste better after a couple of days

Personal notes:

coffee swirl chiffon cake– i added 1.5 tbsp instant coffee with 1 tbsp water as i found the above too sticky. the granules could not dissolve properly

my apologies i am not showing a slice of the baked cake as this is a gift for someone…. oh ya.. why else will i dress up the cake ╰( ´◔ ω ◔ `)╯

Pollution index: 30 (excellent)


  • May Law says:

    你的作品怎么都是cute cute的, 不赞你都不行呢!

  • Alice says:

    omg! two bakes in a day is your usual thing? I really salute you
    with kids around and daily cooking, even single baking is a challenge for me, hence I bake only once or twice a week 😛
    coffee in cake is a sure I will try thing, thks for sharing 🙂

  • eileen says:


  • Vivian pang says:

    You always have ideas on deco of your bakes. From the height of the chiffon cake I know this is a very successful bake. The one who receive this cake must be very happy 🙂

  • Mel says:

    I wish you can bake one for me as a gift…..because Im eager to see what deco you can do up the cake for me.

  • Ann Low says:

    So cute! Looks like X\’mas is on the the way! 😀

  • Hi Victoria,
    Your cake is just so cute! And perfectly baked, it rises really high and I can see that it is soft and fluffy!
    Sometimes I bake two times a day, not often, only when I have the mood for it!
    Thanks for linking with CYB!

  • Jessie Ng says:

    I like the chocolate stairs in particular. A chiffon cake has turned out to be so special under your bake!

  • Hi Vic,
    Always enjoy looking at your awesome decoration on your bakes!
    Your chiffon cake is so nicely it!

  • JesSaBuff says:

    Hihi! I find your writing, Posting, and Photos really Different from other blogs! It\’s Refreshing and enjoyable to read! =)

    I\’m thinking about making this cake but I have a question!
    What do you mean by swirling the coffee mixture into the batter?
    Do I just roughly mix it and pour it straight into the tube pan without mixing it evenly first?
    Any reason I shouldn\’t mix the whole cake with the coffee mixture at say, maybe the egg yolk mixture?

    • Thanks very much for your words of encouragement. What the action means is to first pour coffee mixture into the batter. Then use a chopstick of knife to \”cut\” around the batter… This helps to create a marbling effect. After this, pour the batter into the pan. This creates a different effect as compared to doing the marbling effect in the pan as the former method helps to create some light feathery coffee swirl marks on the cake due to the pouring effect. On the other hand, if u mix the coffee mixture into the yolk mixture, then ur entire cake is a coffee chiffon cake, vs a coffee swirl cake.

      Hope this helps and I look forward to yours soon

  • JesSaBuff says:

    It went.. Alright..
    Got kinda burnt halfway through.
    Also, I wasn\’t sure if i was swirling it right. I think i ended up adding too much water to my coffee granules, so there was too much liquid to swirl.
    Here are some photos! (I just unmolded it before dinner – Been in the fridge since Wednesday Night) I don\’t know why my cake does not unmould beautifully like yours, with the brown crust in tact!

    Anyway I couldn\’t help myself. I made just made another one. Just took this monster out of the oven.
    I put aluminium foil over the top halfway through baking, and also I used less hot water to dissolve my coffee (Actually made kinda like, mocha. 1 Tbsp Coffee + Half tbsp cocoa powder + half Tbsp Hot Water)

    Hope it is better. Just cannot wait to unmold it!

    Thanks! =)

    • Heya, the second chiffon cake looks pretty good! Actually my unmoulding skill isn\’t perfect as well… You can see part of the \”skin\” has been peeled off my me during unmoulding… I hv also see how some bakers use hands to unmould by just gently pulling the sides and bottom off the pan with their hands.

      For consistency of batter when swirling, just remember the batter cannot be dripping wet from the spoon… It should ooze down instead… Also, if ur oven seem to be too hot, try baking on a lower rack but extend the baking time a little or till the cracks on the cake are dry. The corners off my oven r of higher temperature so I tend to avoid those places when baking…

      I\’m sure ur second cake will turn out good.. Thanks for sharing!!

      • JesSaBuff says:

        Yes it was much better! =) Still couldn\’t unmold it nicely.. But the colour was way more appealing.
        Oh the bottom was kinda ugly (Maybe coz I dropped my cake tin when I Inverted it >.<) so I'm serving it this way up instead. hehehe.
        Unmolded this morning! –
        I really love the texture and the strong coffee taste & flavour.
        ^ ^
        Thank you!

  • Wow… Ur swirls look cool!! I mean seriously, the cake looks good… Nice and fluffy…. So we both hv something in common…. We took two attempts to get it right 😉 my first attempt was worse than urs…. It sunk…. Look forward to baking along with u someday soon. Do u hv a blog?

    • jessabuff says:

      ^ ^ Thanks for your compliments! Hope to get better! I don\’t have a blog.. Don\’t have enough time due to work.. It\’s a miracle I even find the time to bake! hehe..
      If I ever start an album / blog about my baking I will let you know 😉
      you could add me on Facebook thou 🙂

      Thank you again!

      Will be sure to continue following you!

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