IMG_6399i love commercial secrets(^_−) but this is truly one difficult recipe to find… i think it is close enough though after listening and reading from a few sources… for all i know, you (1) definitely need to use the 老肥 and 酵面 method . What is 老肥? once again, the translator tickled me… OLD FAT!!!! i guess the best way to say this is sourdough. (2) the way seasoning is added to the minced meat (i.e. the process); (3) each dough should be rolled into an 8.5cm disc, and you need to achieve 15-16 pleats per bun and finally (4) each bun cannot be steamed for more than 6 mins (on high heat, boiling water)… (/^-^(^ ^*)/ also, i have to thank my maid, for she was the one who taught me how to pleat baos… after all, who can fight the chinese right? ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)

you will have to forgive me for the seriously horrendous translation here as i’m still baffled with the translation for some terms… (/_\)i include the appropriate chinese description where i have qualms about my translation

Ingredients (makes about 40 buns)

Sourdough (A)
50g low protein flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp instant dry yeast
50ml water

Starter dough (B)
All 100g of (A)
300g low protein flour
100g water

Main dough (C)
All 450g of starter dough (B)
150g caster sugar
1 tbsp double action baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
30ml water (if you intend to use up the entire 500g of starter dough, you can omit the water here)
250g low protein flour
50g wheat starch
25g oil (or lard or shortening)

食材(可做 40个包子)

老酵 (A)
低筋面粉 50克
盐 1/4小匙
糖 1小匙
即溶干酵母 1小匙
水 50毫升

低筋面粉 300克
水 100克

绵白糖 150克
泡打粉 1大匙
苏打粉 1/4小匙
水 30毫升(如您选择使用所有的酵面(B),这30毫升水量可免)
低筋面粉 250克
澄粉 50克

500g minced pork (portion of fats to lean meat is 3:7)
55g chopped onion
50ml light soya sauce
15ml dark soya sauce
5g MSG (omit if you don’t like this, or replace with chicken bouillon powder)
60ml sesame oil
salt (as appropriate)
ginger water (prepare about 80ml ~ you will not use all. just dice some ginger and boil this in water and cool)
bone stock

猪绞肉 500克(肥肉/瘦肉比例为 3:7)
洋葱 55克,剁碎
生抽 50毫升
老抽 15毫升
味精 5克(可免或以鸡粉替代)
香油 60毫升
盐 (适量)
生姜水80毫升 ~ 无需用光。生姜切小颗粒、用水煮至沸腾、待凉即可


IMG_6396– prepare starter dough 2 days in advance (i.e. if you are making these buns on Wednesday, you should prepare sourdough on Monday)

– mix all sourdough ingredients together and cover. allow it to rise at room temperature for 16-24 hours
老酵食材混合、裹上保鲜膜让其(于室温)发酵 16-24小时

– next day, add together all ingredients from (B). knead into dough, and cover. let it rise for 16-24 hours
隔天将所有(B)食材混合。和面、裹上保鲜膜。再次发酵 16-24小时

– day 3: add in 150g caster sugar to 450g  of starter dough. Knead till all sugar has dissolved
第三日:450克酵面加入 150克绵白糖。搓揉至糖溶解

– add in baking soda and 30ml water and knead well
加入苏打粉和 30毫升水。搓匀

– sift flours together with baking powder and add to the above. then add oil

– knead for 20 mins or until you get a non sticky and shiny dough
搓揉 20分钟或直到面团有光泽

– cover dough and allow it to rest for 25 mins
盖上保鲜膜、静置 25分钟

– meantime, prepare filling. mince pork but they should differ in different dice sizes (i.e. some rough, some small). stir the meat in a bowl with a pair of chopsticks, and add in ginger water a little at a time. make sure you do not add too much that it becomes watery
准备内陷 ~ 猪绞肉剁碎,应剁成不同大小丁块儿。用筷子将猪绞肉在碗内拌匀、慢慢加入生姜水。千万不可加太多,以免肉末太多水份

– add in soya sauces a little at a time. once again, soya sauces should be added in a few additions, and very slow. the purpose of this is to ensure all the seasoning is absorbed by the meat. at this point, chill your meat for a while, maybe 30 mins
生抽和老抽逐渐加入~需分次慢慢加入。如此,可确保肉末吸收所有调味料。拌匀后,将肉末冷藏约 30分钟

– remove minced meat from fridge, and add in bone stock very slowly. once again, you need to do this in a few additions so the minced meat absorbs the stock. lastly add in MSG, onion and sesame oil (either to instructions or to personal preference)

– set filling aside and divide dough into portions ranging from 18.75g – 20g per dough
准备好的馅料待用、面团分割成 18.75 – 20克等份

IMG_6387flatten each portion of the dough and roll it out into a disc.
the trick to do this is to hold the dough on one hand, and then turning it anti-clockwise as you roll the dough (concentrating on the circumference) out with an upwards, downwards motion with the pin. this will help to result in a thicker centre, and thinner circumference of the dough

picshow20140305_104008each disc should be 8.5 cm in diameter
面皮擀成 8.5厘米宽度

IMG_6388place about 15g of filling into each dough…keep pushing your filling in with one hand as you pleat the dough with the other
pleat the dough with 15-16 pleats, ensuring you pinch the top dough as you fold each pleat
个面皮加入 15克馅料、一手褶起,另一手将馅料往内推
包子应该有 15-16褶。褶包子时,需边褶、边将面皮顶部捏紧

IMG_6393ta-da ~ this is yours truly 17 pleat bun ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺok ok.. This is my hand… The ones on top are my maid’s as I took pictures of her
这是我一生中做了 17褶的包子。。牛吧?
ok.. 这是俺的手掌。。以上都是咋们家阿姨的示范(她是俺师傅哈)

–  boil a pot of water on high heat. once it is on full steam, place buns in and steam for 6 mins. do not over steam this
将一锅水煮至沸腾。上火后,将包子摆入、蒸 6分钟。千万不可蒸过了

– serve when hot, with sliced ginger and vinegar

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6400– i used trehalose in place of sugar and Superlite flour for this recipe

– please take above seasoning quantity as a guideline ~ it is best to season according to personal experience and taste buds. i omitted the MSG in the recipe
以上调味料仅供参考。最好依个人食谱调整 ~ 我就将味精免了

– i did not have bone stock, and used normal stock

IMG_6401my husband and maid each devoured 9 of these once they were steamed….. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Pollution index: 76 (Good)


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    Look at your baos… beautiful and perfect pleated! I think I need thousand of baos to practice in order to make this perfect like yours! This recipe makes 40 buns? Anymore left for me?

  • kitchen flavours (March 18, 2014)

    Hi Victoria
    Your baos looks so perfectly made! I\’ve made some pork baos a couple of months ago, while they are quite delicious to eat, the pleating leaves much to be desired! Will have to practice more!

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    Hi Victoria,

    When I saw the theme, old fat… I was thinking of me… LOL!

    Kudos to all your neatly shaped buns! Your pleating skill is indeed first class!!! I have to practice a lot more to make something like yours :p


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    Oh, these must be the prettiest home-made steamed bao that I have seen so far. The kneading skill that you\’ve learned is priceless! Beautiful!

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    The best pleating I have ever seen, your maid is really good in teaching and the student also keen in learning to scored A+++++.Thank you for sharing

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    The pleats are so beautifully done!! Your fingers are so dexterous! The buns look soooo delicious! Wish I can have some!

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