IMG_6491cookie jar in the house was depleting… and since the last crispy FA cookies which earned popularity with everyone around me (including my hubby who’s a non-cookie eater), i was looking for another crispy cookie recipe… and i needed it fast and easy (ok ok.. i was feeling lazy.. again) … (^^;)

Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal


IMG_6498150g Butter
3 tbsp Golden syrup
2 tbsp Hot water
1 1/2 tsp Baking soda
100g Instant oats
100g Dessicated coconut
150g Plain flour
110g Caster sugar (I used light brown sugar)
30g Dried apricot (optional),diced


IMG_6488– Melt butter and golden syrup together to light boil
– Mix baking soda into hot water till dissolved
– In a large bowl, combine instant oats, dessicated coconut, plain flour and sugar, mix well
– Pour in the melted butter mixture and baking soda water,  blend well
– Using a teaspoon to scoop batter and drop on the lined baking tray, not too close as the cookie will spread up after baked. Bake at preheated oven 160C for about 18-20 minutes. (I baked for 18 minutes)

Personal notes:

IMG_6493– i accidentally overdosed on the golden syrup (used 56g), and cut back on the sugar. I used 90g of organic coconut palm sugar, and 40g of chopped dark hershey’s chocolate in place of the apricots
– i used a 3cm ice cream scoop to scoop the cookie dough, and yielded 56 cookies
– cookies were baked for 22 minutes

IMG_6496these are seriously simple but crispy and yummy cookies.. if you can mix and blend, you can make these ⁝(๑⑈௰⑈)◞⁝˚º꒰꒱

Pollution index: raining in Toyko


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  • Ling Yuen Chin (April 3, 2014)


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  • Zoe (April 3, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,

    Even your non-cookies-eating husband is loving these. They must be very delicious 😀


  • Mel (April 3, 2014)

    Love to have these for my munchy snack time.

  • Ann Low (April 3, 2014)

    Yummm…. I want to make these cookies again 😀

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook (April 3, 2014)

    Your oatmeal cookies look very delicious! Love crispy texture too. I don\’t think cookie jars will be filled when these cookies are around. 🙂

  • Jenny (April 3, 2014)

    哇! 那颜色真的诱死人不偿命….

  • May Law (April 3, 2014)

    好吃, 好吃! 我来争吃了。。。

  • Esther Lau aka Copycake Kitchen (April 3, 2014)

    Omg! I when you mentioned \”these are seriously simple, crispy and yummy cookies\”, I know I can\’t resist to try this. Bookmarked and will bake this for my cookies monster, hehe… Thanks my dear 🙂

  • Jessie Ng (April 4, 2014)

    It\’s Friday again & I need to send my computer for an upgrade & b4 I do this, I better come here to grab some cookies with me first! Hav a nice weekend ahead, VB.

  • Sonia aka Nasi lemak Lover (April 4, 2014)

    I hardly make cookies except during CNY, so let me just take few of your yummy cookies..

  • lena (April 4, 2014)

    sounds great either with dried apricots or nice if i can just hv a few pieces for my late snacks now !

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