IMG_8218so yummy.. too yummy!
ok… this is a gift, so ain’t no cutting the cake

Ingredients (makes a 25 x 25cm cake)

Swiss roll
40g unsalted butter
10g milk (A)
50g cake flour (sifted)
10g cocoa powder (sifted)
10g baking chocolate, milk chocolate flavour (chopped)
1 egg
3 egg yolk
40g milk (B) (warmed to 60 degrees C)
3 egg white
60g caster sugar

60g whipping cream (A)
60g semi-sweet chocolate chips
100g whipping cream (B)
3 ferrero rocher chocolate, chopped to small pieces

chocolate ganache
227g dark chocolate chips
118g whipping cream
1 tsp coffee granules
chopped hazelnuts as desired ~ i used 2 handful (toasted and cooled)

食材(可做一个 25 x 25厘米烤盘蛋糕)

无盐黄油 40克
牛奶 (A)10克
蛋糕粉 50克 (过筛)
可可粉 10克
牛奶口味烘焙用巧克力 10克,切碎
鸡蛋 1颗
蛋黄 3颗
牛奶 40克 (加热至60摄氏度)
蛋白 3克
绵白糖 60克

淡奶油 (A) 60克
微甜巧克力豆 60克
淡奶油 (B) 100 克
金莎巧克力 3粒,切碎(小颗粒)

黑巧克力豆 227克
淡奶油 118克
即溶咖啡粉 1小匙
剁碎榛子果仁 随意 ~我用了两把(稍微入炉烤香后冷却)


IMG_8212– line a 25 x 25cm square pan with baking paper
25 x 25 厘米烤盘铺上烘焙纸

– prepare cake batter ~ boil butter and milk (A) in saucepan and turn off fire once the entire mixture boils
准备蛋糕体 ~ 黄油和牛奶 (A)放入奶锅加热至烧开。离火

– pour in all sifted flour and cocoa powder at a go and mix well using a wooden spoon till mixture is no longer lumpy

– when the above mixture comes together in one lump, place saucepan back to stove on low heat and warm mixture up for 30 seconds

– continuing stirring till mixture becomes glossy and the bottom of your saucepan forms a thin skin. turn off heat and add in chopped milk chocolate

– beat egg and 3 egg yolks together

– add egg mixture into dough mixture in 3 additions; incorporating well before next addition

– continue to mix until mixture becomes ribbon stage. the key here is to ensure all egg mixture is incorporated into butter/flour dough when the latter is still warm. then, add in the 60 degrees milk (B)

– beat egg white, adding caster sugar in three additions until stiff and shiny peaks form

– pour egg yolk mixture all at once into egg white meringue and fold well using ballon whisk. then change to spatula to ensure the bottom of the batter has been well mixed

– pour batter onto cake pan and tap pan on bench to remove air bubbles

– bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 20 mins
送入预热至180摄氏度烤箱烤 20分钟

– cool cake on wire rack

– prepare filling by bringing whipping cream (A) to boil. then pour it over the chocolate chips and stir till all the chocolate chips have melted. allow to cool to room temperature

– beat whipping cream (B) till stiff peak, then add in the above cooled chocolate whipped cream and continue to beat till well mixed. fold in chopped ferrero rocher

– place cake on a piece of parchment paper and spread filling evenly on cake. roll up tightly with parchment paper and allow to chill for at least 3 hours

– prepare ganache by mixing all ingredients in a bowl and melting chocolate over a pot of simmering water. stir constantly

– spread half of the ganache on the cake and chill for at least 15 mins. mix in chopped hazelnuts into the remaining ganache, and spread it over the entire cake. decorate with whipped cream, ferrero rocher and strawberries and serve

IMG_8219please refer to this post for pandan soufflé swiss roll recipe

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  • Mel (December 15, 2014)

    Such a lovely gift…..orh….thanks Victoria!! heheheh…… the one who receive it must be so pleased!! I am sure it must be very delicious since you highlighted it again…\”highly recommended\”….how I love this two words from you now.

  • Grace (December 15, 2014)

    Irresistible temptation! Nice.

  • Cecilia Yap (December 15, 2014)

    Hi Victoria..this is a wonderful christmas gift. Love this classic cake.

  • Phong Hong (December 15, 2014)

    Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Victoria, the cake is so elegant looking and I love the pretty deco. Wish I could receive a gift like that sigh…..

  • eileen (December 15, 2014)


  • Ann Low (December 15, 2014)

    I wish this log cake is for me lol! But we\’re so far away 😀

  • helen kim (December 15, 2014)

    must be very nice cake looks so appetizing like it

  • dianaquek (December 15, 2014)

    Sigh, another lovely cake, and you are still so far away.

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  • Karen Yap (December 16, 2014)

    So lovely ! Truly a wonderful Christmas gift !

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  • kitchen flavours (December 17, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,
    Your cake is simply beautiful! The recipient is very lucky to be gifted with this lovely cake!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!

  • Zoe (@bake4happykids) (December 18, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,

    I\’m always attracted to bake all the recipes that you highly recommended… Got to bookmark this recipe too 😀


  • 婉婉下午茶 (December 18, 2014)


  • Lee (December 20, 2014)

    Of all the chocolate swiss roll recipes I\’ve tried, yours is the only one that works perfectly. Thanks!

    • Victoria Bakes (December 20, 2014)

      Wow, tks for the great compliment on a Saturday morning for me…. i hope you loved it ^^

  • Lee (December 20, 2014)

    You\’re welcome. One comment about your recipe: you\’ve missed out when to incorporate the cocoa powder.

    • Victoria Bakes (December 20, 2014)

      Hey Lee, thanks for that.. i have really taken for granted that the \”sifted flour = flour + cocoa powder\”, but yes, i should hv been more specific :D. tks for pointing out

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