IMG_0038everyone in my family loves tau sar piah..
so when Zoe posted the penang style version, i knew i had to try baking it
yes.. you have to try this.. it’s awesomely heavenly (whatever that means)
as Zoe’s post is extremely detailed, i shall leave you to hop over to her Penang style Tau Sar Piah post to check out the ingredients and directions for preparing this
所以当 Zoe 贴上了这个槟城豆沙饼食谱,我立马收藏。。
因 Zoe 的博文写得特详细,我就不剥夺她的一番心意。。烦请大家往她家的槟城豆沙饼博文查询食谱及制做方式

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_0195 – i do not have all purpose flour at home.. only bread or cake flour. so i used cake flour for the water dough, and used 81.5g water and 20g sugar instead. i do suggest when adding water, you should always set aside 20% behind. always mix the dough first, and pour additional water only if required. the end dough should NOT be sticky. it should be smooth and elastic
我家木有中粉(多用途面粉)~要不就高、要不就低。。所以水皮食材中的多用途面粉,我用了蛋糕粉;水的份量只用了 81.5克;糖份用了 20克。我建议加入水份是,预留 20%别下。和面时,适量加入。如此,面团组织才能掌握得恰当好。作出来的面团不应该沾手~应该有弹性

  • i reduced filling’s icing sugar to 75g
    内陷糖粉的份量我减至 75克

  • i also made 24 tau sar piah. the weight per portion is: water dough 15.8g; oil dough 10.6g and filling 12.8g
    我也做了 24颗豆沙饼。重量为:水皮 15.8克/份;油皮 10.6克/份;内陷 12.8克/份

  • after swiss rolling the wrapped water/oil dough, i allowed 20 mins of rest time before re-rolling again
    擀平并卷起包裹的水油皮后,我都让其静置 20分钟才操作下一个步骤

  • i baked my tau sar piah for 28 mins in total
    豆沙饼烤了 28分钟

  • i understand many readers always wonder how to wrap a tau sar piah neatly… so here’s my way

IMG_0020retrieve a portion of dough
(this is after second rolling out and resting of 20 mins)
(既是二次擀出、卷起并静置了 20分钟的面团)

IMG_0021press both ends to meet together

IMG_0022seal together, taking care not to tear the skin

IMG_0023use palm to flatten slightly

IMG_0024you should have a neat, silky ball

IMG_0025roll into a disc

IMG_0026use the dim sum wrapping method (i.e. encircle your index and thumb)

IMG_0027place disc between fingers

IMG_0028place a portion of filling

IMG_0017turn the dough between the fingers (with the help of right hand pressing filling inwards gently when necessary) so that the dough is pushed up the filling naturally

IMG_0018seal seams tightly
see the bottom? it’s very neat

IMG_0019place shaped tau sar piah seam side down before baking

IMG_0043distinctive layers



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  • 婉婉午茶 (October 30, 2015)


  • d\'liteful cravings (October 30, 2015)

    You make so many yummy food! I can\’t keep up! You are surely talented and passionate. Thank you for posting up all these delicious recipes!

  • 0620 (October 30, 2015)


  • May Law (October 30, 2015)

    请我吃请我吃。。。这个食谱我也收藏了, 只是懒得开工啊!

  • Chloe (October 31, 2015)

    Hi Victoria. The flakes look fantastic. Very distinctive layers .just wondering at what temp did you bake . Zoe baked hers at 200c. Thanks to both of you for your painstaking guidance. Chloe.

    • Victoria Bakes (October 31, 2015)

      Hi Chloe, i followed Zoe\’s to the T (except for flour and sugar). any deviations have been noted in my personal notes.

  • Zoe (@bake4happykids) (March 14, 2016)

    Hi Victoria,

    I\’m very happy that you like this recipe. I really enjoy baking tau sar piah and love sharing my joy with you 🙂


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