ingredients 225g salted peanuts 1.5 – 2 tbsp organic peanut oil 1 tbsp honey 食材 有盐花生 225克 有机花生油 1.5 – 2大匙 蜂蜜 1大匙 Directions/做法 place nuts in processer and process for 1 min. scrap bowl down 花生放入搅拌器搅拌 1分钟。开盖儿,将容器边上的花生颗粒刮下 continue to process for one min. it will look something like that. scrap bowl down again 继续搅拌 1分钟。搅拌后的花生差不多是这个样子滴。容器边缘再次刮下 blend for another min. it should get slightly creamier 再次搅拌[…]

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