UPDATE (may 2020): i’d recently made this using a shorter processing time ~ hop over to my instagram to check out the video
更新(05.2020):最近又做了~缩短了制作时间~如有兴趣可参考我的 IG视频
what beats freshly homemade cruller for breakfast?

ingredients (makes about seven 17cm cruller)

200g bread flour
30g egg
25g milk
75g water
1.5g baking soda
1.5g baking powder
8g fine sea salt * please see personal notes
7g oil (i used peanut oil)

IMG_1150食材(可做七条 17厘米油条)

面包粉 200克
蛋液 30克
牛奶 25克
水 75克
苏打粉 1.5克
泡打粉 1.5克
幼海盐 8克*请参考小贴士)
油 7克(我用花生油)


IMG_1118mix all ingredients and knead till you get a soft dough
(you do not want it too dry, so set aside additional 10g of water and add if necessary)
spray a thin coat of water on the dough and cover with cling wrap
allow it to sit overnight (about 8 hours)
i prepared the dough in the morning, and left it in the fridge
just before i went to bed, i took it out of the fridge and left it on the kitchen table
(面团不要和得太干,所以和面时可准备多 10克水。需要时适当加入)
让其隔夜静置(约 8小时)

IMG_1136on morning of frying cruller
roll dough out into a 0.5cm thick sheet
面团擀开成 0.5厘米厚的面片

IMG_1137divide into 1cm wide portions
分割成 1厘米宽的面条

IMG_1138stack one portion on top of the other

IMG_1139use a chopstick of the back of the knife to make a centre line indentation

IMG_1140heat up a wok of oil
throw in a small piece of dough. if it rises up slowly, the oil is ready for frying

IMG_1141place in dough sticks

IMG_1142 IMG_1143turn dough sticks once the bottom has turned golden brown

IMG_1144drain cruller on kitchen towel

IMG_1152serve hot

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– the salt i added makes a salty cruller. feel free to to reduce to suit personal preference


  • Chloe says:

    Wow. These look so good and nice hollow. Looks so crispy and light. So if I were to prepare the dough in the night I just leave it room temp or in fridge for frying the next morning? thanks for sharing another of your awesome recipie. Chloe

    • hi chloe, it should be room temperature. ideally, your room temperature cannot be too hot. my room temperature was slightly lower than 20 degrees C. as a note, the dough will not rise, so don\’t be surprised to see it the same size as the night before.

  • lovingbaking says:

    Hi, I tried this this morning it was great! Took some getting used to for shaping them but it was not bad for a first try, to me at least. However, I noticed there were black specks on the dough in the morning. I left it on the counter overnight. Is it normal?

    • Hi, that\’s good to know. I suspect it may be some dead yeast cells which is of no concern. It could also be due to reduced iron particles (if you are using enriched flour) or maybe the yeast was not equally mixed during early phases of mixing. As long as your dough is not mouldy , there is no issue to be concerned 🙂

      • lovingbaking says:

        Thanks for the reply! There\’s no yeast in this recipe ya? How do I know if it is mould?

        • Oh yes, that was a blond moment as I have heard about black specks on yeasted dough. Yes, no yeast in this recipe. Could be the flour then., apologies I cannot give a definite answer here. It\’s pretty obvious when mould appears .. Like the greyish feathery stuff

  • lovingbaking says:

    Ohhh okok. Thanks alot!

  • Chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. I tried this yesterday. They tasted really good. However, I find that the middle part of the cruellers is more doughy than yours. There are small small hollows only. Any idea how I can improve. Your hollowed sticks look fantastic. Of course mine is out of shape! Question is when u mix the dough do u knead them like bread or do u just mix them with fingers till it forms a dough? Thanks for help. Hope to try again after I hear from you. Also the oil . must it be very hot or just warm? Thanks chloe

    • Hi Chloe, i kneaded them just till everything comes together and i get a soft dough, not like rough looking (usually that\’s how dough looks in the initial stage of kneading). i used the kitchenmaid mixer. You do not need to knead till the window pane stage though.

      now, it sounds to me your dough could have been a little wet. do not add all liquid at a go. i will suggest you include all milk and egg, and part of the water, then add as you go. you see, all flour have different water absorption characteristics. the flour i use tend to need more liquid, plus i bake in a very dry climate. so do set aside about 10-20% of hydration and add only when necessary. what you are trying to achieve is a soft dough (also dough should not have crackly lines), not something that even sticks to your fingers and mixing bowl. this will result in you having to flour the dough when rolling out, instead of dusting when necessary. flouring too much, or a dough that\’s too dense will result in doughy crueller and probably even out of shape since it will lose shape the moment you try to lift it from your bench top to the frying pan.

      oil wise, no, it cannot be very hot. it will result in your dough turning totally brown almost immediately, leaving too little time for the dough to be cooked thoroughly (and hence doughy inside). i did not measure the temperature this time but to play safe, you may like to stick your chopsticks inside the oil. it should emit small rolling bubbles. at this point, throw in a piece of test dough. it will slowly rise up (you will know it) and not turn brown immediately. if your test dough browns almost immediately, then turn off the heat to let the oil cool before trying again.

      do hope this helps.

  • 真够牛滴!!油条也做得那么棒!!!

  • kn says:

    Hi Victoria
    Do you think this will work if I baked it instead of deep frying?

  • Linda says:

    Hi victoria,
    May i add a blend garlic in the dough?
    Thank you -linda-

    • I never tried that but I don\’t see why you can\’t if you are looking for a flavoured cruller. It\’s homemade and anything is possible as long as you are up to the taste. I will add garlic powder instead of chopped garlic though (not sure of your meaning of blend garlic)

  • Yuni says:

    Hi Victoria,
    If I want to freeze it , is that better freeze the dough before or after fry? Thanks

    • Hi Yuni, why do you want to freeze the dough? this is not an yeasted dough. if time is a concern for you, you may like to prepare dough fresh, and allow it to sit an hour to two before shaping and frying (since if you freeze, you will still need to thaw it). definitely not freezing after frying because youtiao is something best eaten fresh. it does not keep well. hope this help

  • Nellie Bok says:

    Hi Victoria,
    The youtiao is awesome, it is crispy outside and fluffy inside. Today is my 2nd attempt, both 1st and 2nd attempt is good except I reduced the salt to 5gm for the 2nd dough. I still need to improve in the shaping.
    I am a lazy person so I just throw everything into the bread maker, left it overnight in the bread maker and only deep fried in the morning. Thanks for your generous sharing.

  • Yvonne says:

    I tried and did everything exactly but it is very dense and unable to achieve that spongy inside. Please advise if the room temperature makes a different. It is below 10c here last night

    • Victoria says:

      Hi so sorry to hear about this. I wouldn’t give the temp too much a concern since this is not an yeasted dough. Having said that, you may want to check expiry of your leavening agents. In addition , did you get s nice, soft dough? If your dough was too sticky as was the case for one of my readers, it means you need to reduce hydration level. Also, remember not to roll your dough out too thinly as well. This is all u can render and I hope you will be successful

  • veloce2611 says:

    Hi, amazing that yours looks so great! I tried it today, total failure for me. 1) my dough is very sticky, is this because I didn’t knead enough? Using a stand mixer, how long do you think I should knead? 2) I didn’t leave it overnight but 2 hours prior frying, is this ok? Any tips will help pls

    • Victoria says:

      Hi, it does not take too long to knead to be frank.i suspect you didn’t need too much water (please refer to my comments above to Hoi as well). i think 2 hours is fine so long your dough is of right consistency. try reducing about 15% of water and see how it goes. hope this helps

  • Gladys says:

    Hi Victoria, can I do without the egg?

  • El says:

    Hi victoria, im going to try this recipe. I want to ask you, how many hours we need at least to rest the dough? Should it be 8 hours?
    Then, can i cover the dough with wet (Or dry) clothes instead of cling wrap?

    • Victoria says:


      Please rest dough for at least 8 hours

      Apologies but As this recipe is 4 years old, I can barely recall how sticky this recipe can be . I won’t know if the wet cloth will stick into the dough. I will suggest you follow the instructions for now .

  • Mel says:

    i really want to try out this recipe
    but i want to ask, soft dough stage it is the same as window pane stage ?

    • Victoria says:

      Hi it’s not necessary. U just need the dough to be pliable and not shaggy (if that’s the right word to use here)

    • Chris says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Do I have to wait till the dough warm up after taking it out from the fridge, or I can directly shape and fry it after taking it out from the fridge? Room temperature in my country is around 30 degree celsius.

      Thank you so much for the sharing!!

      • Victoria says:


        You can start to roll and cut out so Long your dough is pliable (but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be . Probably need to wait a bit after bringing out from chiller)

        Once you can roll and cut out, with your room temp and the thickness of dough, you should be able to fry pretty soon . But please do not fry if dough is cold.

  • Janice says:

    Tats means after knead we should left in room temp at least 8hours??after 8hours we should put in fridge?and before we wan to fry we should let in room temp??

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Janice

      I recently made this again and did a short IGTV video to indicate timing. You may want to hop over to my Instagram (second latest posting) at victoria_bakes_ to check it out

  • Annie says:

    Hi, may I ask if I can only the milk as I don’t drink milk and have none at home.. Thanks!

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