cookies & cream cupcakesI’d been double baking these days now that I’m mostly at home. Before I finish with a bake, I think about what next to bake… I can’t wait for my 7 QT KA to arrive… and this time, I will not burn the motor!

These cupcakes are just the all-time favourite cookies and cream cupcakes.. so simple.. no butter to melt.. really a dump and bake recipe. all that’s needed is the kneading, coloring and cutting of fondant. When the maid saw these, she was so excited.. she said the kids will love them… I truly hope so… what beats seeing happy faces on kids?

And then i also go into the wagon of baking the Moist & Dense Chocolate chiffon cake that’s plaguing the baking world… the 湿润巧克力戚风 is indeed what it claims. I used the recipe from Qi Qi in the house    ( and thought the addition of Kahlua was wonderful….

moist & dense choco chiffon cake

Of course, being gluten free, I also baked myself another really simple coconut flour bread. Not pretty so no pictures.. haha.. but it is definitely my cup of tea. Just like eating a loaf of dessicated coconut flesh!

Pollution index: 55 (moderate)

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