zebra souffle cheesecake

these days i just wonder what i should bake tomorrow. in dad’s words, I OD my problems.. women…

i haven’t done a cheesecake for eons.. and i mean long long time. Partly ‘cos nobody in the house eats it (except for the maid) plus, I still haven’t got the hung of it.. I came across this recipe from Not Quite Nigella (http://www.notquitenigella.com/2010/04/27/zebra-cheesecake/) .. I love baking my cakes in squarish pans, and so i baked this is in a 7 inch square pan… being the norm for me.. the centre sunk as it cooled down.. not alot but yes it sunk… but still, the taste and texture of the cake is still fantastic..

Pollution index: 55 (moderate)

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