matcha steam cake haven’t made steamed cakes for a long time…
and thought this will be a good change from the bread and cookies i’d been baking..

Ingredients (makes four 8cm-muffin cup steamed cakes)

200g waffle mix
80g full cream milk
20g caster sugar
100g egg
60g water
30g coconut oil


matcha steamed cake– beat eggs and sugar till frothy and well mixed
– add in milk and water. stir to incorporate
– sift in waffle mix and mix till batter is no longer lumpy
– add in oil and mix well
– prepare 3 small bowls ~ add 1 tbsp of batter and 1/2 tsp cake flour to each bowl
– tint one bowl with a bit of sifted red yeast powder to get a pink batter (for sheep’s face and ear)
– tint the other bowl with a bit of dark cocoa powder for outline of sheep. the other bowl remains original colour (for sheep’s fur)
– pour batter into 3 individual sandwich bag and tie on one end. Snip a small hole of the corner of the bag and batter is ready for piping
– mix 3g of green tea powder to the remaining batter and mix well
– pour green tea batter into 4 muffin cups till they are 80% full. Flatten any bubbles by pricking them gently with a toothpick
– pipe outline of sheep, and paint body and faces. Gently pipe on eye and mouth
– place 2 cups of water into steamer and steam for 30mins on medium-high heat OR steam in rice cooker by pressing the “reheat (加热)” or “steam (蒸)” function. Place a chopstick between the lid of steamer or rice cooker to allow steam to escape. This helps to prevent the steamed cake from being overly heated which will result in cracks

matcha steam cakePersonal notes:

– i used belgium waffle mix
– i made the mistake of overcrowding my muffin cups in the rice cooker (wanted to save time s(・`ヘ´・;)) and resulted in the muffins squeezing one another after steaming. So please place the cups apart such that they do not touch each other
– please ensure you snip only a very small hole for the cocoa batter bag as the outline of the sheeps do expand quite a bit after steaming


and these little sheeps come home ┌(・。・)┘♪└(・。・)┐♪┌(・。・)┘

matcha steamed cakes

I am submitting this post to Little Thumbs Up: Eggs organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids,  Mui mui of my little favourite DIY and hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out.

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Pollution index: 172 (unhealthy)


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  • Edith C (August 6, 2013)

    These are soooooo cute! Do you have a step by step tutorial?

    • Victoria Bakes (August 6, 2013)

      Hello Edith… Ashame but I don\’t… But u should pipe the outline of the sheep first, and then just \’color the face and body\’. After this, carefully draw the eye and mouth using toothpick… Do remember to alway pipe very very fine lines. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Zoe (August 7, 2013)

    Hi Victoria,

    So CUTE! What a shame that you didn\’t have a tutorial making these… but I can totally understand. It is very difficult to tell someone to draw something if you can\’t hold the hand or the pen for the person!


    • Victoria Bakes (August 7, 2013)

      Thanks Zoe…. U do have a valid point…. I should also seriously consider taking step by step pics in the future for the sake of everyone :)… Thanks for everyone\’s advice and thoughts

  • Adeline (August 7, 2013)

    These are just so adorable! You are really good at this and very creative 🙂

  • Ellena Guan (@CuisineParadise) (August 14, 2013)

    Omg!!!! This is super awesome! Sooo cute!!!

  • soh (August 22, 2013)

    Hi, where can get the template of this picture? where to purchase the waffle mix (what brand?).
    I would like to make this for my daughter before she leave to UK.
    I am from Singapore. Thank you for sharing!

  • soh (August 23, 2013)

    Good morning, thank you for your reply, is fine to email on Monday. I don\’t see those waffle mix in our supermarket, is there a reason to use waffle mix? by the way where are you from?
    Have a nice day!

    • Victoria Bakes (August 23, 2013)

      hello Soh – i\’m actually singaporean but reside in Beijing. and guess what! i\’m actually in singapore now :). ok, i just went to market place at Tanglin MAll.. i did see the Krustaez belgian waffle mix there. so you can try

      • soh (August 23, 2013)

        Oh I see, you go down Orchard, I station in East, so do my marketing in NTUC. I will try and update you once baked.

        • Victoria Bakes (August 23, 2013)

          yeah.. my hotel is here… looking forward to yours soon

  • Beyond Office Supplies (October 11, 2013)

    so cute! how did they taste?

  • Ann Low (April 20, 2014)

    Hi Victoria, These are really cute and I can\’t bear to eat them. BUT if I can\’t sleep, I\’ll come here and count the sheeps 😀

  • Weny (February 26, 2015)

    Hi Victoria,
    These look super cute, want to make one for myself.
    What if I don\’t have waffle mix, what can I substitute that with?

    • Victoria Bakes (February 26, 2015)

      Hello Weny, you can try making your own waffle mix ~ you can use this as reference * adapted from the homemade pantry:
      – 4 cups all purpose flour
      – 4 cups whole wheat flour
      – 1/4 cup raw cane sugar
      – 2 tbsp baking powder
      – 1 tbsp baking soda
      – 1.5tsp sea salt

      mix and sift the above, then weight out as necessary

      hope this helps

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