IMG_9070recipe source/原食谱取自于: 飞雪无霜

ingredients (makes 9)

60g mung bean powder
80g cake flour
45g coconut oil
35g sugar 

sesame oil

IMG_9071食材(可做 9个)

绿豆粉 60克
蛋糕粉 80克
椰子油 45克
白糖 35克



IMG_9072– mix & sift both mung bean powder and cake flour together

– steam over high heat for 20 mins. the steamed flour mixture will be hard. use a fork to break it up briefly
以大火蒸 20分钟。蒸过的面粉偏硬块儿状。用叉子略压碎

– place the above and sugar into food processor and blend till fine. pour into a bowl

– add in oil and mix well

– oil mould lightly and spoon flour mixture into mould. press hard, then knock cake out onto a piece of parchment paper

– steam cakes over medium high heat for 5 mins. brush sesame oil on cakes when done
以中大火蒸 5分钟。蒸好后刷上一层麻油即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– original recipe includes red bean paste filling which i omitted as i think the cake is good on its own

– i made three 8.5cm diameter cakes
我做了三块儿 直径8.5厘米的绿豆糕

– if you are wondering if this has a chewy texture like those we buy in the mama provision stores, answer is no 🙁
如您想问这绿豆饼和旧式铺子卖的那种口感是否一样 Q~~, 其实不是

– i buy all my wooden moulds from here. if using wooden mould instead of plastic moulds with presser, please ensure you spoon and press flour mixture into mould very very tightly before unmoulding. i suggest unmoulding directly onto parchment paper as this is pretty fragile



  • Veronica Ng says:

    Wow, your mung bean cake looks so good. Love the beautiful mould. Do you reckond we can make our own mung bean flour by grinding mung beans?

    • Hey Veronica, yes, i know of chinese who make their own mung bean flour. but it isn\’t as easy as it seem. it seem to be a mixture of mung bean, soy bean and rice. soak, then grind to get the liquid, then hv to steam over super high heat so liquid evaporates. what remains will look like a \”biscuit\” that you hv to grind till super fine. not sure if my memory fails me, but i think it\’s something like that

  • Ann Low says:

    That\’s a pretty mould and I like the colour too. Please send some over 😀

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