i used to speak bahasa indonesian like a local.. or i think i used to but the translation of this recipe just slapped me hard in the face.. all my indonesian has gone back to my lao shi (meaning teacher) 想当年说了一口流利的印尼文。。 如今,就连翻译此时谱都费力无比。。 Original recipe adapted from/原食谱取自于: dapoerkoe ingredients (8 inch square pan cake) A 1 tsp baking powder 250g cake flour (author used 200g) 25g[…]


Ingredients (makes a 6 inch square cake with removable base) A 120g butter, softened 86 sugar B 144g egg 1 tsp vanilla extract 108g milk C 152g self rising flour 28g cocoa powder D (cream cheese layer) 200g cream cheese 40g sugar 96g egg * about 4.5 eggs have been used in B + D 食材(可做一个6寸方形活动底蛋糕) A 黄油 120克,软化 糖 86克 B 蛋液 144克 香草精[…]


a cake that takes effort but worth the effort.. if you break this up into a 2 days bake, it ain’t that bad afterall 一款有够折腾但令人十分满足的蛋糕。。分两天做,就不觉得那么累了哈 Original recipe source adapted & modified/原食谱(经调整)取自于: I Love. I Cook. I Bake Ingredients (7 inch square pan with removable base) Cream cheese lapis legit A 70g butter 50g cream cheese 40g sugar 96g egg yolk (c. 5 egg yolk) 30g[…]


Recipe adapted from 高Ling 的美食工作坊 Ingredients tapioca starch 250g rice flour 60g glutinous rice flour 15g sugar 220g coconut milk 400ml water 235g pandan leaves 12 pieces 食材 250克 木薯粉 60克 粘米粉 15克 糯米粉  220克 砂糖  椰浆 400毫升 水 235克 斑兰叶 12片 Directions/做法 – add sugar to water and heat up till sugar dissolve totally. divide sugar mixture into 2 equal portions. cool completely 砂糖加入水煮至溶化,分2等份、待凉备用[…]


crazy about steaming.. totally addicted ♪(v^_^)v 蒸蛋糕蒸上瘾 -_-# 走火入魔 Recipe adapted and modified from here Ingredients (I used a 6 inch square pan) 4 Grade A eggs 150g caster sugar * i used 125g 1/2 tbsp ovalette 150g low protein flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 100ml corn oil * i used coconut oil 200ml packet coconut milk 1 pack of 3-in-1 coffee (dissolved in some[…]


after dear esther made this cake, i was totally mesmerised.. and then i realised i’d also bookmarked the same from blue little kitchen and mui mui (the original recipe contributor)…so here’s mine 网上看见 esther 家的作品后,傻了眼。。美。。然后。。更傻了眼 ~发现原来较早前既然也在蓝色小厨和 mui mui 家(原食谱贡献者)也收藏了同样的食谱。。。它。。既然被偶埋藏到清单的深、深、深处。。。 Recipe adapted from the above friends, with modifications Ingredients (i used a 6 inch square pan, with removable base) (A) 227g butter (B) 5 eggs (C) 125g condensed milk 125g kaya (D) 135g cake flour 100g[…]


Win US$160 Paypal cash this Chinese New Year! 过个与众不同的春节 ~ 今年送您美金160元贝宝奖金哈 For the first time, 16 fabulous cooking bloggers have come together to bring you the chance to start the Year of the Ram in the best way – by winning an ang pow*! 十六位出类拔萃的烹饪博客首次聚集陪您送走小马哥,迎来金羊妹妹给您家送个大红包*! To take part, simply complete the Rafflecopter below. Open to overseas entrants 参与抽奖活动,请点击以下链接填写信息哈。海外朋友都可参与 a Rafflecopter giveaway This Giveaway is brought[…]


Recipe adapted from Bitter Sweet Spicy Ingredients 300g butter 120g fine sugar 6 large eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla 80g kaya 250g sweetened condensed milk 80g horlicks 160g cake flour 2 tbsp cocoa powder 3 tbsp hot water – mixed with cocoa powder 2 tsp peppermint essence green colouring 食材 黄油 300克 绵白糖 120克 鸡蛋 6颗 香草精 1/2小匙 咖椰酱 80克 练奶 250克 好力克 80克 蛋糕粉 160克[…]


i had 200g of mashed banana that i froze couple weeks back and this was one of those bakes that makes you get up, and walk straight into the kitchen *oh well, not literally… but i couldn’t wait to get up and bake this follow Faeez’s instructions carefully and you will have a very moist and fragrant lapis 200克的香蕉泥在两周前被我打入了“冷宫” 。。咔咔 网上看到这食谱后,想立马开炉。。嘿。。当然木有啦。。 烘焙千层蛋糕对偶来说,是“大工程”。。 不过,隔天一早就动工噜。。。。 只要依照Faeez的食谱,一层湿润又香喷喷的千层糕必定出炉哈 Recipe[…]


whenever i walk pass mitsukoshi in ginza tokyo, i cannot help but stare at the logs and logs of baumkuchen… how can i re-create this at home? it always baffled me until i came across this post by Ami Nishimura… *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡ …. do hop over to her blog to see how she re-created many well-loved japanese recipes ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾ Recipe adapted from Create Eat Happy 🙂[…]

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