i recently learned about this from a hong kong tv show and decided to google on it.. very easy to prepare… very yummy.. very spongy QQ~~ following is the original recipe… do note my modifications under personal notes and NO, this cake is not suppose to have a beehive look 近期煲剧时得知这么一种传统糕点。。搜了搜。。还真挺有趣滴。。 于是就开锅~嘿。。简易。。。好吃。。弹牙。。。QQ! 先给大家呈现原食谱~我的调整备注在温馨小贴士 不!这蛋糕做出来木有蜂窝巢内在美哈 ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased and lined) brown honey syrup[…]


ingredients (makes about twelve 12cm egg rolls) 100g eggs (net weight) 40g caster sugar 1g salt 50g coconut oil (preferred) 60g cake flour, sifted 5g fried black sesame seeds 食材(可做约十二条 12厘米长的蛋卷) 蛋液 100克(净重) 绵白糖 40克 盐 1克 椰子油 50克(推荐用椰子油) 蛋糕粉 60克,过筛 熟黑芝麻 5克 Directions/做法 whisk eggs briefly, then add in sugar and salt. whisk till sugar has dissolved 蛋液略打散后加入糖和盐。打发至糖份溶化 add in coconut oil and incorporate[…]

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saw this recipe when i was web surfing.. i thought it was really interesting.. and as i was through making it… it just dawned on me.. did i just not make a cotton cake? 某天在网上看见这么一个食谱~有趣~~有趣~~ 做着做着~~不就是棉花蛋糕么? recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: 爱料理 ingredients (8 inch square pan, lined with parchment paper) 100g unsalted butter 140g cake flour, sifted twice 150g full cream milk 40g mirin (omit[…]


recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: Awayofmind Bakery House ingredients abacus seeds 600g steamed yam 275g tapioca flour 1/2 tsp salt 165ml boiling water 1 tbsp shallot oil other ingredients 2 tbsp shallot oil 4 cloves garlic, minced 35g fried shallot, crushed 3 tbsp dried shrimp, soaked & finely chopped (keep water used for soaking dried shrimp) 180g minced meat 7 mushroom, soaked and thinly sliced (keep[…]

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ingredients 250g taro (net weight), cubed 80g rice flour 5g wheat starch (a.k.a. dim sum flour) 7 small chinese mushrooms, soaked till soft and diced (do not throw the water used for soaking) 1 lup cheong (a.k.a. chinese sausage), diced 10g dried shrimp, soaked till soft (do not throw the water used for soaking) 40g dried scallop, soaked till soft and shredded (you can do[…]


ingredients (makes 12) 1 large potato 12 prawns salt & pepper, as appropriate cake/all purpose flour, as appropriate 1 egg homemade bread crumb, as appropriate desiccated coconut, as appropriate (optional) 食材(可做 12颗) 土豆 一大颗 海虾 12只 盐、胡椒粉,适量 蛋糕粉/多用途面粉,适量 鸡蛋 一颗 自制面包糠,适量 干椰丝,适量(可免) Directions/做法 cut potato into big slices and bring to boil till they are soft 土豆切大片,水煮至软 shell and devein prawns 虾子去壳儿、去虾线 keep the tail[…]


let this be the pride of your reunion dinner’s table? 让这道孔雀开屏做您大年除夕餐桌上的骄傲? ingredients 1 blunt-snout bream a.k.a wuchang bream seasoning (add following according to personal preference) salt pepper chinese wine scallion, sliced ginger, sliced sauce 2 tbsp oyster sauce half rice bowl of water scallion, sliced ginger, sliced decoration cucumber, sliced cherry tomato, sliced chilli, sliced 食材 武昌鱼 1条 腌料(一个人口味儿适当加入) 盐 胡椒粉 料酒 大葱,切丝 姜,切丝 酱汁[…]


crisp on the outside, rich and nutty on the inside 外脆内香。。不得不试的好蛋糕! ingredients ( 8 inch square pan, greased & lined) 240g butter 60g cream cheese 180g sugar 155g egg yolk c. 8 large egg yolk 165g egg (slightly more than 2.5 large eggs) 1 tsp organic hazelnut extract (substitute with vanilla extract) 1 tbsp bailey’s chocolate luxe 1 tbsp full cream milk 240g cake flour,[…]


i’m highly recommending this because.. oh boy… does it taste like the KG brand! well done on this Phay Shing! 为啥强推这食谱?这饼干还真是勾起儿时的回忆~儿时那康 X 品牌饼干的口味儿.. Phay Shing, 给你三十二个赞! recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: Loving Creations for You ingredients biscuits 70g cake flour 1 tsp baking powder 5g icing sugar 24g shortening 22g full cream milk 1 tsp vanilla extract royal icing 15g meringue powder 220g icing sugar 3[…]


ingredients (makes twelve L 5.5 x W 2.0 x H 1.5cm candies) 200g high maltose syrup 50g caster sugar 30g water 20g egg white 20g hokkaido skim milk powder 20g horlicks 25g butter, softened 200g peanuts 食材(可做 12个 长 5.5 x 宽 2.0 x 高 1.5厘米牛乳糖) 水饴 200克 绵白糖 50克 水 30克 蛋白 20克 北海道脱脂奶粉 20克 好力克 20克 黄油 25克、软化 花生米 200克 Directions/做法 spread peanuts[…]

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