ingredients (makes forty-five 1.5-2g mini biscuits)

10g butter
8g icing sugar
25g egg
3g high maltose syrup, warmed (substitute with honey)
30g potato starch
10g cake flour
1g baking powder
10g milk powder

IMG_2203食材(可做 45颗 1.5-2克小馒头)

黄油 10克
糖粉 8克
蛋液 25克
水饴 3克、加热(可用蜂蜜替代)
片粟粉 30克(又称土豆淀粉)
蛋糕粉 10克
泡打粉 1克
奶粉 10克


IMG_2191cream butter and sugar till till fluffy

IMG_2192add egg into butter mixture in 2 additions, creaming well after each addition

IMG_2193add in high maltose syrup. mix well

IMG_2194cut in sifted flours, baking powder and milk powder

IMG_2195knead till you get a soft dough and stop mixing after that

IMG_2196pinch and shape dough into 1.5-2g portions
(you can also roll dough into a thin log and slice out into portions, then shape into round balls)
捏出 1.5-2克面团、揉成小圆球

IMG_2197bake in centre rack of 150 degrees C preheated oven for 5 mins
then turn temperature to 140 degrees C, and continue baking for 5-7 mins
turn off heat, and allow biscuits to sit in oven for another 5 mins before removing to cool completely
送入预热至 150摄氏度中层烤箱烤 5分钟
后转 140摄氏度,续烤 5-7分钟
熄火、让饼干在烤箱焖 5分钟后出炉。完全冷却即可享用


Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– the sugar level i use yields mildly sweet biscuits. the sweetness does come at the after taste. feel free to increase to 10-12g icing sugar
这次糖粉用得比较少,做出来的饼干味甜。甜度在回味后比较明显~喜爱甜食读者可将糖粉增加至 10-12克

– adjust egg accordingly since different flour absorbs hydration differently (could be a variance of +/-5g). ultimately your dough should be soft, without cracks and neither should it be sticky
蛋液跟着面粉吸水量适当调整(+/- 5克)。最终的面团应该不沾手、无裂痕

IMG_2190– i used japanese potato starch and hokkaido skim milk powder

IMG_2199– baking temperature and time are provided for reference only. you can turn off oven heat once base of biscuit browns slightly



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